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  • that's why i love SG, a lot of the crap is cut, it's hardcore facts. well usually... the never ending 'how do i cut corners' posts would drive you to the drink!!
    no problem here with being corrected. when you're wrong , you're wrong. lol.
    Can I ask do you think its worth my trying her on Brisa instead of l&p too? xx
    thanks so much for letting me know A - very much hoping you are well - we are all very busy, very happy and excited at moving house!! xxx
    HEY! I got your email, but could not email you back lol!!! So here is my response:
    I am as a matter of fact lol, it's been almost 3 years- and I was just appointed to Team CND last week as well :)
    How are things on your side of the world? xo
    CHCH people have my complete and utter admiration, and I love your work so that goes double for you! Hope you have a terrific weekend x
    A few months I think. It's certainly a different persepctive on everything. I think I've been a member for about two years, so perhaps I didn't know you from before. It's good to have you back though. Where are you in NZ? Have you been affected by the quake? I do some work for a company in New Zealand. They were in Radio Towers and still can't get their stuff out. Had to restart elsewhere. I admire the spirit of the Christchurch people.
    I confess: I've been nosy and looked at your album. Your work is to die for amazing.
    You're more than welcome, I meant what I said. I'm Sarah from UK, nice to meet you.
    You very much welcomed. I love reading your ever so informative posts, I can really learn so much from you. Xx
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