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    Aesthetic questions re: qualifications?

    HI @BeautyDirectory Check out our website.
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    To become a beautician in London?

    Hi @nedelay If you decide to become a Level 4 Therapist check out our website.
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    Ray Cochrane or LCBT?

    Hi @Dalalihab If you decide to go onto Level 4 check out our website.
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    Chemical peels

    Hi @charlotte1994 Check out our website.
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    Want to train as an Aesthetician - 33 & worked in marketing for 10 years

    @Elohelay Check out our website.
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    Laser carbon facials?

    We are launching these soon!
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    Anyone a non medic aesthetic therapist?

    Hi! We offer courses introducing Aesthetics and Level 4 qualifications.