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  • In your old picture you looked about 25 ish and in this one you do look your young age of 21!
    I was married at 21 and had my first child at 22 so was very young, your clients probably think you look younger than that though!!
    Sorry I just have to say how different you look in your new picture! You look younger than you did your last picture and you looked young then!! Very pretty x
    I'm glad business is going great! Sorry to hear about you and your boy. I'm sure love will bring someone deserving of you. I'm glad you're back in all your fierceness!
    Hope you are OK it feels like I haven't seen a post from you in ages! ( I'm not a stalker LOL just noticed you weren't around and knew you had some stuff going on)
    Hi, I know - I spoke to the company today and has said I will give it one more go.. So I have reapplied the Gellux, going to give 10 days then going to try and take off.. If it doesn't come off with 20 mins I am going to ask for a refund.. Will let you know how I get on.. :)
    Hi, it is with the product Gellux, they say it can be removed on the packaging / advertising within 15 mins and it realy isn't true.. takes much much longer therefore I feel they have miss sold the product.. there has been many threads about this and even the trainer says it takes longer to remove...
    ok thanks, So do you find that once clients have had shellac they will always come back again
    wow! how fantastic it must be to have your own salon at such a young age!!

    i will be doing shellac soon, was looking at your prep advice.Which shellac colour would you say is most popular and do many people ask for shellac french manicure?

    hahaha thanks, but I really don't think of myself like that. every girl likes to hear it though! I still think of myself as the dorky girl in school who was picked on!
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