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    TPTW Fake beauty products

    I don't see how that's off-topic, considering YOU brought up CCO Shellac, Gigi. I am very sorry for asking about another fake product to keep myself up to date. How terrible of me.
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    How to layer to get Shellac black ?

    yeah, you can't really layer to get a black. black is a tint, not a colour. use asphalt.
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    TPTW Fake beauty products

    hadn't heard of that one yet!
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    Pregnancy weeks

    PUUUUUUSH!!! lol :D Yes I agree! Can't wait to start trying.
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    Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Oh My..!!

    As a really boring girl from Canada, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW!!!!!! Obsessed. I also love Geordie Shore, but that's a whole other thread. :D
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    How did you all finance your business?

    damn girl!!! that was such a great post. thanks for sharing your story!!! :D
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    Who's responsible, me or the landlord?

    This is such a terrible situation. The fact that she is saying she fell from the top is obviously a lie if she really fell 2-3 stairs, but unless there were other witnesses in the salon at the time, it will be her word against yours. For every 10 people that get injured, I'd say 2 of them are...
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    How did you all finance your business?

    Don't say that!!!! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. When things get hard, my boyfriend always reminds me "nothing that comes easy in life is worth having" and "the best things in life come with a fight". :hug:
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    Shellac; charging structure

    I charge my normal price for a Shellac. It's the same price whether it's your first Shellac or 30th Shellac. I only charge for removal if you're getting it removed without being re-applied. OR if you're coming in and it's from another salon. The reason I do this is because I kept getting people...
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    Too much Solar Oil?

    I actually use SolarOil on my hair too. I've been doing it for years now. It's amazing for my hair extensions which tend to get dry. I also use it on my lips, eczema on my feet, i tame my eyebrows with it... i do everything with it hahaha
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    Gel polish courses - worth it?

    I can't imagine getting mixed reviews from Shellac. Who would have anything bad to say about it? It's the most amazing product I've used in the last 5 years. The problem with those cheap pots is that yes, you get what you pay for quality wise. But who knows what sort of dangerous ingredients...
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    TPTW Fake beauty products

    CCO Shellac?
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    Skin tag and eyelash tinting

    it's never bothered me and i have some.
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    Nail problems - bits in polish!

    Sounds more like air bubbles to me?
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    CND spa manicure/pedicure prices

    spa would generally include extras like scrub, mask, paraffin etc