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    1. DeedeeH
      HI, and thank you for your reply to my post, i would very much like any information you have on groups for electrolysis professionals for UK practitioners. I find it a little hard to understand that there is NOT an online group of some sort to provide support and information about updated ideas and methods. With many thanks, Deedee.
    2. Hmama
      Hi Essentia,
      You have been kind enough to offer me advice in the past and i really need some today. I bought an apilus cleo last week and i know that it's going to take time to get used to it but i'm finding the hairs are not releasing easily. This is really worrying me as i'm used to hairs sliding out when i use my old carlton diathermy machine. What i really need to know is that even if i'm having to pull the hairs out, are they still being killed. I'm practicing on my husbands shoulder hair which is quite tough but even at the highest setting on flash the hair will not slide out unless its a thin hair Even when i went for the training i found that when electrolysis was purformed on me the hair did not hurt when it was taken out but it did not slide out. Any advice would be appreciated.
    3. Steph30
      Thank u Jane for getting back to me, I'm getting re trained Tuesday so hoping this will help, soo excited xx
    4. Steph30
      Hi I saw on a post that u use perfector, I do too, how do u find the treatment because I don't find the results that great and was just wondering which programmes you use the most because I know you can personalise it to the client xx
    5. Zo Zo
      Zo Zo
      Sorry- I edited my post because some of it was wrong. But the reason I thought you'd googled it was because the press referred to her as a little or young Lolita.x
    6. Rockateer
      your mailbox is too full for me to reply, popular lady!!!
    7. Vetty
      Thanks for the input to my thread! You mentioned the HD Brows course, do you know how much it is? If you do can you PM me the price? Thanks so much x
    8. deb32
      Hi, just been on your website it is fab and love the Beauty Studio x
    9. Teebster
      Hi, Thanks for your advice re Exzema and parffin wax treatments. I just wondered if you could let me know if you could recomend a healing lotion for underneath and does doing a warm wax treatment cause the bio to lift or probs ever?????? - sorry still learning and new to this.

      Also what wax heater to do use in your salon for this treatment. Thanks so much, Tonia xxxx
    10. Tracey Park
      Tracey Park
      was great chatting to you today and let me know how you get on with the new roller lotion you ordered !!! hugs xx
    11. tweeky
      just wanted to thank you sooooooo much for your advice. you just wont believe how it has helped me get control of a lifelong nightmare!
      thank you -wish you tons of good luck in return
    12. pure
      Just out of interest who is the current distributer for Nimue and do they have a website?
      Debs xx
    13. Zo Zo
      Zo Zo
      Ooo hello Jane! I didn't realise we knew each other! xx
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