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    Brow tinting going purple

    Just a guess but I should imagine it is the ratio of colour that the tints are made up of and how they are mixed together also how long the tints have been exposed to the air.
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    Starling business account

    Yes - I have 2 accounts and find them very good :)
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    Microblading insurance?

    I think there are a few : Professional Beauty Direct offers student insurance however it may be with their accredited providers, also Insynch and Balens may well offer. It is best to call them really. The school you are training with in theory should cover you or at least provide advice.
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    DMK, any other brands to look out for?

    Found DMK weird to be honest. I was interested in one of their product lines as I already had something similar. I was accused of trying to set up a rival product!! Not true, just wanted to know more about it. Said they go to every salon to check them before letting them sell their products...
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    Lost certificates for IHBC and City and Guilds from 1990 to 1992

    This happened to me as well when moving house. I took my exams in the 1980's. IHBC formed into the now VTCT and you can get a transcript from them proving you passed your exams with a unit breakdown. I got my C&G's copies no problem.
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    Microcurrant causing facial downy hairs?

    In women usually androgen imbalance is usually the cause of excess hair (alpha 5 reductase). ATP is used in grafting hair transplants to provide oxygen to aid its success. So yes - the added stimulation and oxygenation is likely triggering more growth in a post menopausal client. Sometimes...
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    Plasma pen training and treatments

    I belong to a forum where they do these plasma pen treatments as I had an interest myself. There are a few cases where the clients are worse afterwards with some therapists revealing it did not work as expected. I think this is down to lack of client knowledge, technique and the scope of the...
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    Microblading training

    Some councils and insurance companies only accept certain training providers. The best thing is to contact them and ask.
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    Santorini - makeup artist May 2019

    The best thing is for her to contact a wedding planner there as they will have contacts. I married in Santorini and did my own make up but I did go to a hairstylist there, which my wedding planner recommended. I have not been there for years and it was a very quiet island so word of mouth is...
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    Skin micro-dermabrasion

    This depends on so may things that would rely on a thorough consultation. It depends on what treatment therapy she had and how long she underwent it as well as her general state of health now. Patients can carry the effects of chemo for a very long time afterwards - years. The best thing is...
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    Dermal fillers

    I am under the impression that fillers/Botox will be a level 7 course. I believe you can undergo training if you have the criteria for level 7. As the above poster says Biofil is probably the way to go as it will not be classed as a medical device. However I do think there is a big gap...
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    SPMU training courses?

    Hi Totally agree on all points mentioned by Beauty-UK (although the OP asked for info about machine brows not microblading), however I would like to add one other. Level 4 VTCT is becoming the industry standard for some council boroughs and insurance companies. Most London boroughs require it...
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    Microblading removal/lightening

    I would follow the tutor's advice and leave them. I would still get her to follow aftercare until healed - pigment colour can be altered before full healing takes place and may even look worse. The body can reject the pigment and fade a lot, so you may not have much to worry about. Poor...
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    Skincare help!

    Hi - These are more likely to be sebaceous hyperplasia or closed comedones. The picture needs higher definition to see correctly. The chin is very pitted and scarred and will have a higher proportion of oil glands here. It is worth her visiting an advanced electrolygist.
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    Best microblading numbing cream?

    Zensa is available from Everlasting Brows.