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    Getting back into the beauty business

    Hi I am just a bit older and went back to beauty after a break having qualified in the 1980's some years ago now. I think it will be very easy for you to pick up skills again as most of them are timeless lol! However I would also warn of not having all your eggs in one basket. I have found...
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    Number of Facebook reviews dropped from over 100 to 9!?

    I am not sure it could be a glitch but reviews are being replaced with recommendations, so the old system will be phased out.
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    Dermaplaning & peel stings

    I would suggest that your skin has become sensitised to the treatment. As you mention, dermaplaning is obviously taking off the surface allowing the peel to penetrate deeper into the newly exposed S. Corneum. As I am sure you are aware over doing it can lead to post inflammatory...
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    Letter from ICO data protection

    Most therapists will store clients personal details at some point so it is better to be covered and I should also imagine most people on here will be trying to make a profit!
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    Letter from ICO data protection

    I did a course recently where the ICO and also GDPR was a topic. If you store email addresses and phone numbers of your clients on your mobile that is an electronic device and should be registered with the ICO as your clients can be identified through the data held. With GDPR everyone is...
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    What advice would you give someone starting off in this industry?

    Everyone has given good advice and I commend you on wanting to understand the industry more. I started at 18 and I am in my 50's now but overwhelmingly would agree with Alex the King's post. Beauty can be fickle and depends a lot on where you are placed and how business minded you are. I have...
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    BABTAC only offering 2 month discount!

    This pandemic has really highlighted how some suppliers assist those that could really need the help. I would not renew insurance until you have a definite date to work again. I gave up one of my memberships as they refused to suspend payments over Covid, I did not have insurance with them...
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    Help with client skin complaint

    I agree with Rosie R. The neck can be an entirely different story. I was thinking of P.o.C when I read your post. However you can get localised hotspots. If you have done any facial peeling training you will be familiar with hotspots, reactive areas that can result through more specialised...
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    Hi My main business has been performing electrolysis however, the pandemic does make it hard to do really safely. Please bear that in mind.
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    Home therapy room & Covid

    The government advice is certainly not clear. However, Northern Ireland and Wales have closed salons. I think the North of England are trying to keep them open (for now) but I guess it will depend on whether you are OK with working through a tier 3 lockdown. I understand some people...
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    Home therapy room & Covid closing personal care and close contact services or prohibiting the highest-risk activities I think you would have to close unfortunately.
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    Website content

    I agree with the Squarespace route or maybe Wix. A professionally designed site is the best option but you still have to maintain it once it is handed over to you unless you find someone who does maintenance. Versions of software, plugins and site maintenance has to be updated to avoid...
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    PCOS and thick facial hair

    This client would benefit from electrolysis. It is extremely difficult to control PCOS on the face with waxing.
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    Difficult client

    Every bit of advice that has been given is valid but I think you should examine why you accept this type of client. Maybe because of a sense of misplaced loyalty? Because when we are self-employed we need all the clients we can get? It took me a long time to realise that self-employment means...
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    Who has ownership of photos taken on my phone?

    Agree with Banner Penguin that you need to start again. If there are no signed consent forms from your family or friends then the salon cannot use them unless they obtain it, so no I would not watermark them with their logo. However, if you took photos on behalf of the salon, you also cannot...