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    Ilumina hair colour goes too red

    There is a 5/02 5/ and 5/35 are both warm
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    Self employed mobile & work from home

    My understanding is that your a sole trader so your not on companies house
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    Disheartened when I lose clients!

    Think positive thoughts about all the great ones and replace them with two new amazing ones
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    Color Touch 1.9% still lifting

    Mixed with colour touch colour?
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    Disheartened when I lose clients!

    People are free to go elsewhere, or anywhere they like. You are only as good as your last haircut as the saying goes. This will happen you can’t stop it.
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    Permanent colour not lasting

    Shampoo and conditioner?
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    Complaint 3 months later

    Was there a pic?
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    Complaint 3 months later

    Did she she get a colour shift from the root colour? What she means is she may of had a demarcation like from this I guess which also could of happened from a toner if using Illumina It also could have happened if she had been away I think she is unreasonable to not come in and show you -...
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    Comparable to Goldwell

    Conditioning bleach so just use bleach with a plex
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    Salon colour starter kit?

    Have you tried Kadus? It’s Wella sister company so very easy to convert
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    Do you have to be a hairdresser to do wedding hair/hair styling?

    No - I know lots of people who do hairstyling and aren’t hairdressers and are insured They are amazing too- I don’t do hair up
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    Using box dyes in salon no patch test

    Get a new job- it isn’t that common unless your in a unprofessional salon
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    Need a little colour help

    She would be reaaaaaaally light
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    Blue balayage

    A root drag in a cool darker brown then a blue direct dye - many of them don’t go green - Wella Create Tomorrow Clear and New blue
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    Colour correction

    You offer to apply high street colour? What’s wrong with the professional stuff