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  • Yes, I opened in November and I've only NOT covered the rent 1 week in that time.
    this week and last week were good, people are starting to know that I am there and word is getting around.
    I've just sent out an email newsletter so hope that generates some biz.
    I have now taken on a professional skincare range too, so have started to promote that - academie. I know you use Eve Taylor, but I still haven't received samples from them and I emailed and rang 6 times.

    Your blog said you were nibbling at Easter choc, so that was what caught my eye.

    glad that you are doing well.
    one of your old blogs came up today, it was about your first day and your impending open evening. Just wondered - a year later, how are you getting on? Would you do anything different if you were to do it again?
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