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    What to offer..?

    I would have to agree with the others hun, waxing is the most cost effective treatment i offer and is realy my bred and butter, i don't due as many facials as waxing but they are high end price wise so make alot on them, i don't offer full body massage but the massage i add to treatments can be...
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    Wax pot cross infection question

    oh wow! what a thread. I use pot and spatula, i use a fresh spatula for each area on a client, i tend to use 2 spatulas for a 1/2 leg etc, will not re-dip a spatula for underarm or bikini but generally will only use 1 or two for each side as don't offer intimate waxing. I'm not going to say...
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    Client I did over the weekend pic

    All i can say is here we go again, every once in a while i pop on hoping for what i used to get, a little comaraderie a friendly chat with some other proffessionally minded people who work in the same field as me and some like minded women! What a bunch hey! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! For anyone in...
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    Thanks for your replies guys, i thought it all sounded a bit dodgy. Without slating the therapist to this client i think i will say something along the lines of ...'This treatment went through a popular stage but wasn't really seen to have the best results and so now is not widely used at all...
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    Hi all! I was wondering could anyone shed some light on this treatment for me, a client of mine has been having very regular and very expensive treatments for hair removal in this way, i thought maybe she was mistaken and she meant electrolysis but she gave me the leaflet she had from the salon...
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    Am I doing something wrong? Problems with enamel drying....

    practice hun its the only way, the coats do need to be thin, i think its one of the things that takes the longest time to perfect, you'll get there xxx polish every hand that comes into your house !!:green: xxx
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    Quick dry methods-what do you use?

    mavadry polish or mavadry spray for me, prefer the polish the spray is a bit pongy!:)
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    Leaflet Dropping

    oops sorry i forgot to check back on this thread, the link below is where i've got all of my leaflets they are double sided a5 full colour gloss paper, not sure on paper weight but i'm super impressed http://www.fairprint.co.uk/ this is their website but i generally get them through their...
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    Leaflet drop in Bournemouth

    Just to add tudor delivered 4400 of my leaflets august 2007 and i haven't had to do much since. I've tried all sorts of magazine ads and yellow pages etc, but the leaflets bought in lots of clients, very reasonable price and so much easier than doing it yourself!!! good luck x:)
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    Leaflet Dropping

    I have an a5 treatment menu that i designed its full colour and double sided i get it printed in batches of 5000 (£79) it then serves as a price list in salon as well as a leaflet when i get them dropped through peoples doors. you could always add a 10% off with this flyer, sometimes i think it...
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    Christmas Nails!!

    What beautiful nails, i love the snowflakes hun x
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    So many room renting threads....

    Asking questions in my opinion is good but there is that search button too, like said already its good to do a quick search to see if its been covered before, and i hold my hands up, i have got a bit eager in the past and posted before checking the archives. When setting up in business there...
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    Salon opens on Saturday! really excited!!!

    just wanted to say good luck hun, great advice from the others, just keep working at the advertising and you'll be fine, if it gets quite upstairs pop downsatirs offer free file and buff to get to meet people, get into the street and hand out fliers. keep at it, its hard work but sooo worth it...
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    Is anyone else not busy?

    Try not to worry too much hun, i'm pretty quiet this week as its half term. last week was busy but the two before that i had a fair bit of thumb twiddling. If there are any local ladies nights or pamper evenings get involved, don't expect to make money on the night but its great exposure. If...
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    Which one, Eve Taylor or Priadara?

    hiya, i've ben using eve taylor in my rooms for the past 18 months, clients love it and i'm very happy with the results achieved x