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  • hi esther came across you whilst browsing, my sisters name is Esther she lives in the states and i live in blighty, so saw your name and felt a connectionxxx
    Hi Esther, this is Debbie T, thought you may be interested in my website www.nznailacademy.co.nz. I import Entity Beauty and Nfu-Oh Nail Creation into NZ. If you want a sample let me know and I can post one to you. We also do Nail tech training so if you have any questions please let me know. Regards Debbie
    Hi Everyone - Here's another spanner in the works - I have converted from ezflow to INM. Get much better service from them, and the product has been great. Check out their website NailsPlus | For all your nail care needs And don;t forget the NZ Beauty Expo is on in Auckland on 15th & 16th August. Will be a great place to check out all the suppliers and their products, and a great girls weekend away to I might add. Entity is also another great brand see their website also...New Zealand Nail Academy
    Hi Esther...so glad you hooked up with Paula...I need to get her to email me the catalogue as well. The EZFlow training was...well....interesting....its hard to learn a new way when you've been doing something another way for over 20 years! Old dogs=new tricks....LOL
    Hiya! Its been fab this afto, yesterday was a wash out though....anyway, as requested:
    Paula - Pure Essentials
    07 849 6909
    American Nail Systems gave me a hard time because I didn't train with them or have a certificate from TT. I trained with IBD back in the 1980's and converted over to TT in the early 1990's. Converted = tried and began to use. Anyway, ANS wanted a TT training cert....so when I called TT in the US, they said to me to just order from the US or the new rep in Hamilton as ANS had done the same thing to other US nail techs who'd moved to NZ. Absolute nightmare!
    Hi Esther, you know, I've seen some things about Samanti, but I honestly don't have a clue. Hmmm....have thee a link? Also, where in Napier are you getting your TT. When I contacted TT US they told me to use either the new rep in Hamilton or pay the shipping from California. Its part of the reason why I decided to do an EZ Flow course - availability.
    Hi Esther,

    DId you know that there is going to be a new TT distributor over in Hamilton? Who are you using now?
    Hi Esther, I'm waving to you over the hills. Interesting that you use TT, not many really do here in NZ. I've actually decided to convert over to EZFlow and will be doing that in November. Just cos its easier to get product and I do need a good refresher course that isn't going to break the bank. I have three kids as well.....although not that little (7,9,14)....well, nice to "meet" you :)
    hi ya!
    thanks for the friend request!
    i was in new zealand for a week! beautiful country x
    shame i didnt get to the south island. where do u live?

    hiya how are you.. hows the weather?? freakn heat wave in oz.. garrr! lovin your pics btw! Gorgeous family.. 3 boys??? im so jealous xx
    hay sweets
    can ya give me a txt 0272946460 or a ring 3435040 so we can arrange a time to meet would love to have a chat. =)
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