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  • hiya can u tell me more about the skin care u use...i saw your post on the dermalogica post that u posted in october....thanks
    have been to ellisons today for a universal wrap, which got 11" off but will see if it lasts like they say it will. I know that diet and exercise is really the only way but am sure people want a quick fix for hols etc. i think that once you have the kit it costs £7 per treatment but there is loads of washing and drying. I have seem some kits on ebay lots cheaper 2nd hand but then it is still £170 for the training as you have to train with their product before you can buy it. It seems like lots of money but there may be easier ways to make it. Did you advertise it much, what is your best treatment?
    Thanks for your reply to my slimming wrap thread, yes, i know what you mean, its always onto the next, which has to be better than before. Can I ask what you are using, is it the same ingredients and same sort of result? Did it cost much to start up and are you getting many bookings/ Hope you dont mind me asking.


    jo x
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