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  • Hi there! I just saw a post you had about lash adhesive. I am on the hunt for the perfect adhesive (aren't we all?!). I have been doing lashes for 3 years and still haven't found one I really love. I am fast and want one that is fast-drying, low-fumes and the lashes stay on for a long time. I'd love to hear more about your adhesive and any other products! I live in the US - in CO. I am starting to train other technicians here too so would like to find out about what products you have. Thanks!
    Hello dear:) just got my samples today...lashes looks great,and to the touch soft and nice shine�� can't wait to try out the glue and lashes...I'm closed for holidays,so something to look forward to first working days in Jan 2013:)).

    Wish you a great end of 2012....and a fantastic start for 2013!

    All my best wishes for you
    Hey Lash Addict where are you from? I'm in Saskatchewan.

    Ha ha I know you now, I just had to think about it!!! BINGO Christine LOL

    Ok this is really going to confuse you... I've been on this board for years, maybe since 2006 or so. Anyhow, I am Jojo on the WUIYMU Chat site.

    I have always been Jogels on here and on the other chat site I had waited forever to get on so I had at one point created another account/log in name. LOL wouldn't you know it, both accounts were accepted! Since i really wasn't using the Jogel account on the WUIYMU site I gave it to Theresa to use!!

    LOL do you follow? Theresa is on here to, I think she is Tickles.
    I am so happy we can both have our own thoughts on things and still respect each other. I really value your opinion. xx
    Good morning! Doing great now!!! lol. Still a little sniffly but it's definitely subsided.. Thank goodness! Have a great day! X
    Hey girl :) im right smack next to victoria. Half hourish outside of it. My hubby and I favorite place is portalberni for trips! So pretty.
    Yes, there aren't that many of us from Canada on here but I love this site... It's my go-to every single day. So much amazing advice and I love being able to chat with the best of the best!
    I am sure you will love salongeek and if i can help with anything let me know?
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