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  • Hi yes thats me in yellow pages, i tried to do it with gemma lambert in goldthorpe but have been turned down for funding because i am currently getting income support due a family break up, only temp i hope, but gov wont fund someone on benefits. Was only doing it to get assesed for NVQ as i currently already have a VTCT and was working as a tech! good luck with it all!
    It must be so satisfying when people say you look gorgeous and guess what - you made it!! When we do FW the thing I love most is looking at the designers work - they really are amazing!! Good on you for being multi talented!!! xx
    Natalie I see you love sewing... it's something I am useless at!! I still have a nightshirt half made in a cupboard from when I was at school - a LONG TIME AGO!!! :roll:
    Hey!! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been getting married and going on honeymoon. Where in Barnsley are you?
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