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    Calling all West Yorks mobile techies

    i'D LOVE THESE TO START UP AGAIN IF you gals are serious about meeting lets do it:)
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    Calling all West Yorks mobile techies

    It kind of droped off but it would be cool to start them up again.:)
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    Life is SWEET for the UK and Ireland!

    Life is sweet, very sweet, good on ya. Best of luck to you all on this venture.
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    What you can do! - Electricity Reduction Story This is really interesting and is a win win as you help save the environment and save yourself money at the same time.
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    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    So well put I agree with you totally. Carole well theres someone who's not all she makes out to be and is quite obviously jealous of Ziggy and Chanelle's relationship as it stood then As soon as more females entered the house I was counting down the moment for Ziggy to start the old "i'm...
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    Boob job, anyone had one? how did it go?

    BBC - Health - Womens health - Cosmetic surgery This site has some good advise for those wanting one. I'm not against by any means my friend as an A cup and she now had a C cup and they are very natural looking tear drop as opposed to bowling bowl and its the best thing she's ever done.
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    Claim back all your Bank Charges!!

    Would a credit report from experium show these up, if so you could pay them for a report which might be worth it in the long run. HTH
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    Stop Unwanted Advertising/Marketing Calls

    Yes you are.
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    Any Geeks in Spain?

    I've just come back from Barcelona and there is a shortage of Nail Bars and in the city and outskirts, i saw just one which make sense as a only saw enhancements on the tourists and not the locals. I'd love to give some serious consideration to living in this beautifull part of Catalonia in...
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    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    I liked Seany too shame he went he had such a fun side to him. And the kiss between him and Gerry, could it have gone further??
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    CND Marilyn

    I love American Manicures might do one tonight, good call Izzi
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    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    I was absolutely appauled and disgusted when Nicki called Chanelle a C**T To me that is one of the most offensive words in the english language and I think she should of been kicked out of the house as was Emily And she said it with such venom as well.
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    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    i think Chanelle would have been a worthy recipient too. As Liam has only been in the house 2 mins it kind of seemed like an odd choice. So far he does seem very lovely & has obviously made a good impression but is he really, only time will tell Notice Charlie is even attentive now...LOL...
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    so who are the smokers

    For those needing further inspriation to quit take a look at this. Stop smoking start living - Home At least its only 17 days till england goes smoke free yippe no more stinking clothes and more to the point no more passive smoking.