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    Billion Dollar Brows new treatment from Beverly Hills

    Hi. Question to Kerrie / Howard I was looking into BDBrows training straight after seeing you at ProBeauty this year and I could say that there was training option listed for £150. Now looked again for dates to book and there is a suprise of £400 ?! Am I correct? Being a new and home based...
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    Anyone NOT got facebook!

    Log in to your private fb page or create private one as a Joe Public then go here: create page for bussines/place/brand etc now you have page for your bussines that is separated from your private one.
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    Facebook pages

    Log in to your private fb page then go here: Create a Page | Facebook create page for bussines/place/brand etc now you have page for your bussines that is separated from your private one.
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    Sandpaper the new skincare treatment?

    There was a small stand at ProBeauty London 2013 that was selling some sort on fine sandpaper based thing. They were demo it there. It was sort of rubber bit you hold and attach sticky fine sandpaper to it and just eub the skin. It exfoliate skin and get rid of hair. On some occasions it took a...
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    Teeth Whitening

    Was the Toothpolice down at ProBeauty2013 ??? Quite few stands happily and widely selling products and equipment for tooth whitening. Dont think they were for personal use only. A. SalonGeek
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    Pro Beauty 2013

    Long queue at S2 stand. The moved part of it outside. Shocking. I was here 10am and que to S2 was already there. They not asking for S2 account. Regarding parking: there are more entrances to parking itself but people wrre queing to first one. Just go along Excel building down to next car park...
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    Pro Beauty 2013

    Oh thats not good to that. Im in process of opening my S2 account wich stil have to be verifid by them (certificates etc). Im at ProBeauty today to look for deals. I've got copies of my cetificates and insurance so hopefully that will be enough. Adrianna @Fabnails Beauty Studio SalonGeek
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    Rose light bulbs

    Got few coloured bulbs from Toolstation. My were GU10 fitting. They got LED ones which are not very powerful. And halogen ones in various colours like pink, red, lilac etc. I reckon those like Screwfix, B&Q should have some depending which fitting you need. A. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek
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    Timings for gel nails

    Full set of uv gels on tips is now approx 1.5h for me. Nail art which customers usually wants is 30mins on top for full set. If they want nail art a lot lot of extras etc it can take another 30mins. Generally customers with healthy long nails tend to go for uv gel polish and some nail art...
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    Card payments

    have a look at recent thread here:
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    Do you accept card payments?

    I was looking at mobile payments also. Didn't like mothly fee as not many customers asking for it yet so I would rather pay higher fee per transaction. I came across MPOWA payments that should easy deal with VISA cards. Its similar to iZettle or at the time US only Square. MPOWA supposed to...
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    Crazy pricing - what's worst you've seen?

    Hi Just saw that on poor old Group0n Microdermabrasion: One (£14), Five (£54) or Ten (£94) Sessions at ******* (Up to 72% Off) Cant see any details wether thats Crystal MD (cream) or Diamon MD. And with Groupon taking up to 50% of you thats under £5 a treatment (from package of 10). Products...
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    Where do you all stand on patch testing?

    Hi All. I was trained using RefectoCil and there was nothing in the "instructions..." about doing patch test before EVERY application. Just general information about allergic reactions etc I had a look through "Instructions for use" in various languages on RefectoCil website...