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  • And I did have a few tans in local salons to pick their brains, see brands have a good noisey at their set ups etc....this was invaluable, Im a size 16 and in some salons was not at all happy how I treated being a bit self concious etc....a big learning curve to then be able to offer a service like no other in town.
    All the best I could write all day but have appointments shortly.
    Im not mobile never have been, its gonna be hard work Sarah, and you will need to allow up to 2 yrs to really establish yourself. Plan ahead but also dont be in a rush, it will all happen in good time. All the best Lyn x
    Sorry Ive lost the rest of my message to you.
    When you find a brand you love this will give you a natural confidence which will then promote your business without you really tryiing too hard.
    Have a t-shirt printed with your name, I have magnetic plates on my car but thats all apart from f.book I dont advertise, its all word of mouth. Chat to the bank cashiers, the check out girls, pop into bars, hotels with your cards, wear a uniform, just casually mention your business whereever you go and always look tanned and healthy as best you can.
    I used one litre of A-Tan as I was starting out to just practise on about 20 friends...all free. This was a great start to my business via word of mouth and cost a lot less than a huge advertising campaign/leaflet drop etc.
    use local events, fetes, shows etc offer the odd free raffle prize as a tan but be a choosey, nurseries, schools etc are always great. Mums do a lot of promoting for you if you offer a first class service and product.
    But work hard, be enthusiastic, love what you do and you will reep the rewards but it takes time. Always treat your regulars like the first customer of the day too, its easy to get complacent with regulars, dont there are your bread and butter!
    Hello Sarah,
    Just wrote a 20 min reply and lost it all eerrrrh!
    I only stock various brands if I have been asked to get them in although I dont make a habit of this, and if Ive got a tricky client with tanning probs IM like a dog witha bone until a find a solution that works for him/her.
    Personally all you need is Nouvatan, I stock the complete range as I dont believe in mixing shades to create new shades. Its just a beautiful good quality brand. Once you find one you are confident in you will sell it and your business naturally.
    This is a very important part of promoting your business and advertising yourself will then come naturally.
    Im not sold on the more gimmiky brands out there like laurens way etc... they seem to just knock them out promoting the celebs side of things but quality is cheap and nasty.
    Although I think Nouvatan will eventually be the number one tanning solution it will be bigger than Fake Bake etc....the team there always treat you like an individual. YOu get all the support you will need. And you will need it...its not all straight forward.
    Hi Lyn. My name is sarah and I have just started my mobile spray tan business.
    I notice that you use several solution names. Do you find that brings in more clients? Aldo have you heard of, or used crazy angel, as it is the brand I am using at the moment, but so tempted to go for nouvatan as it has so many brilliant reviews on here.
    Also, do you have any advertising tips?
    Sorry to bombard you with all these questions, but your expert advice is much appreciated.
    give us a ring lyn the early guns (helia) did have a problem we have a few spare guns the manufacturer gave us so your welcome to one of them. I have got a 5008 gun knocking about at home you cane have it as well. dont want any money off you, i will stick both guns in your next order, my mobile number is 07841057645
    £180 quid a month for SEO and they're about as much use as a chocolate teapot? F**k! Who do these people think they are? Have a word with Noisy Little Monkey - Noisy Little Monkey - The Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol and Somerset, UK - they are fairly local to you - and pretty darn good by all accounts too. Fairly expensive - but you should end up getting your money's worth with them though...
    Hi lyn give dawn a bell in the office, we recieved the final batch of 5008s last week and have only about 25 left. january has been mayhem !! people strating new business ,s for a new year i suppose, Maybe you should buy a generator !! with all those power cuts we have one just in case but unfortunately i have yet to use it, and i have had some stick for buying it, But the day the power does go off i will be a hero !!
    Hi lyn the new machine is very similar and the gun is still available on the new smaller machine the ts20 so if you wanted a 5008 I could still swap some bits and make you one like the original. Your base unit will run forever and the rep has assured me that I can have some of the new Helia guns so if you wanted to upgrade your existing base unit to a TS50 you could do it very cheaply.
    How bad does that make me feel, can i send a recorded delivery to you cash or do you have a card machine that I can phone you with and take it that way so i know you get it. let me know which you prefer, I have had three cards with cheques in go missing also in the last three months, Im going to have to start and go into the post office with mail rather than the box. I can do either method tomorrow which ever is your choice, feel so so embarressed here :( xx
    Please could you give me a shout to let me know if you're happy with the Facebook page for Fabtans or if anything else needs doing.....
    The page is sorted now; Sonia has either messaged you on Facebook or will be doing so later (she forgets if she did already)...
    Hi Lyn-I wouldn't apply the glue to the skin. If you give Nouveau a ring, they do glue specially designed to be used on the skin x
    Thanks for your message earlier; have PM'ed you back. Just added you as a friend on here too when I found out that you live in Trowbridge, as I used to live there too! My mum still lives in Trowbridge incidentally. Small world hey?
    Thank you, id love to buy it from you...let me have your adress and ill post you a cheque. my addy is Tracy of Hair Bizniz, 10 Broad St, Langley Village, Langley, west mids. B69 4SH. tel 0121 552 7993. Can you tell me what the vovotan is like as I havnt actually used any fake bake yet and the machine hasnt arrived ...is supposedly being delivered Ma7 23rd. wish me luck lol
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