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    Bridal makeup red lipstick - yay or nay?

    I did a trial with her today and tried both looks; I must admit she looked stunning with red lipstick and I loved it on her ( she's a brunette). She asked me to do smokey eye and nude lips and liked it more than the red lips look lol! And then there was me saying the red lips look amazing...
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    Bridal makeup red lipstick - yay or nay?

    I haven't posted for a while and just need some opinions; my bride would like to wear a dark cool red lipstick, and I'm usually a fan of going lighter on the lips for brides to look pretty and youthful; of course i will go with what she's like and balance her eye makeup accordingly. Just...
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    Orthopedic mattress?

    Hi all, anyone got one? Which one do you have and is it good? X
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    What do you do with your partly full tint tubes?

    I've got some colours I know I won't use again and don't just want to throw them away; can I donate them to a college do you think?! X
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    Light a candle

    I light a candle for the murdered little boy Daniel Pelka; rest in peace with the angels darling; you're mother didnt deserve you xxx
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    Daniel Pelka - murdered, abused 4 year old

    Is anyone else so effected by this? I was in tears when I heard it on the news and read about it, and it's been on my mind to the point of not being able to sleep. I look at my little boy and cannot imagine how a mother could do such a terrible thing to her own child. I'm disgusted that such...
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    Derma-k cream

    Hi geeks, just wondered if any of you have used it on spider veins and what are your thoughts? X
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    Second pregnancy weight?

    How do you juggle four?! I'm worried about having two lol
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    Second pregnancy weight?

    Sounds like I will just have to wait and see how huge I'll get lol
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    Second pregnancy weight?

    I'm only 5ft 3 also and put on 3.5 stone with my first, which I lost gradually - I was soooooo huge lol! My joints were killing me with the excess weight; I had a c-section so had to be careful with any exercise. I know each pregnancy is completely different; I'm not put off by it, but just...
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    Second pregnancy weight?

    Hi all mums, I'm planning baby no2 and was wondering if u put on more weight with ur first or ur second?! Was it harder to lose afterwards? X
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    Goldwell colorance to cover 30% grey

    Sorry, yes I mean colorance plus; I'm trying out goldwell but normally use loreal or wella; thank you for your help x
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    Goldwell colorance to cover 30% grey

    Hi geeks, what would be the best developer strength to use on regrowth with 30% grey please? X
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    Revlon Nutricolor Creme - how many washes?!

    Hi geeks, do any of you use it? How many washes does it last or is it wash in wash out? Thanks for your help x
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    Advice for covering up scar on scalp, please

    Thanks for your help; I'll make the suggestions to her x