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  • You're very welcome... I'm sure it's an application issue... you'll get there with practice :D
    If you need any pointers give me a shout :D
    Hey Fairchild,
    Sorry for not replying sooner - been busy!
    I put my crystals in a thick layer of sealer gel and add more gel if needed.
    I think its better if you use a lick layer of clear first as it seems to adhere better.
    I'm glad ive been able to inspire you, its so nice when another professional likes what you do.
    If you see us kicking about at the show, please say hi
    Thank you so much for the lovely picture comment, they are really easy to do and the results are amazing. You will have to post a pic when you've done some xxxx
    Hi Fairchild,
    Thanks for the friends request.

    I see you use Sienna X, how do you like it?

    I have a nail client who has fake tan but to be honest I think it looks a bit orange for her.

    Which of the Sienna X levels do you think would be better for her cooler skin, I don't know much about tanning.

    It doesn't help that she likes french, as when she comes back for maintenance they look a bit orangey too.

    She is such a lovely person it would be nice to be able to steer her in a more natural direction (if you know what I mean)
    X Pooh8bear
    Hi Fairchild,
    Been looking at your website and its really great, could you give me a few pointers on where to start. I have a domain name but have got no further than that!
    Thanks Diva, still tweaking it but really proud of what they have done. Have you found it helped attract new customers? x
    Gorgeous website hun. Bet you are really pleased with it. Thanks for adding me, I'm Jemz Nails & Beauty. AndreaXX
    Hey, glad you are having a go. Its all new territory and will take a while for you to get used to it. For now though, just do 2 thin layers of white, and swipe both times! xx
    Hey you.. How you getting on, are things finally coming together now? Did you manage to go and sit in on a sculpting course with Esther in the end or did you choose to do a one-one?
    Just back on Salon Geek so thought I'd drop you a message and see how things are going as good to speak to people in the same boat sometimes. x
    Hiya hun... re: swiping smile lines .... no I dont wipe with dual cleanser (I still use sanitiser). I swipe and then clean the area with bio's nail polish remover. If you do with with sanitiser, it won't be as clean. Keep practising it. I got cloudy nails at first, but now they are ok...X
    Oh no!! Hope your all ok now. How did you get on speaking to Esther? Did you book onto an advanced course?
    I know what you mean - My mind is constantly on overdrive!! I do finally feel its slowly coming together now so fingers crossed you will start to feel that way soon too.
    We will crack it - Don't worry!! Atleast you know your not the only one who has had problems. And to be fare going back to see Esther was a god send!!
    Good luck and keep meposted!!
    Hello there,
    How was the USA? I've just got back from Mexico so I totally have the holiday blues!!! Yes it was good. I just sat at the back of the class with another girl who was in the same boat as me. Practiced sculpts then went over anything that the pair of us were stuck on. I felt in really helpful. There were only 5 of us so that was good. I would defo recomend it.
    Yes I'm getting there. No I am back from my holiday and I have finally recieved my business cards and price lists I'm gonna really try to push it now. How bout yourself, how you getting on? x
    Yeah they came over to introduce the new gels - I had already gone over to the workshop in Fleet in December though but still thought it would be worth going on the one over here as well - not known them to come to Guernsey before so didn't really want to miss the opportunity.

    It's going okay but I really need a few more clients I am going to have to do some advertising I think - Biosculpture is becoming quite popular over here so there is a market for it just need to tap into it.

    Are you going to the CND Event in May?

    Explain interesting? did they do it different?

    How are you doing, guess you just getting back into it all again now x
    Hi Fairchild,
    Thanx for your message.
    Yeah she's really good isn't she. Ah that's a shame we could have sat at the back of the room troubleshooting together, nevermind! Where you off too, anywhere nice?
    Yes I will defo let you know how it went and will fill you in if it was worth it or not.
    Oh when you hear back from Bio would you mind letting me know re the DVD... I've been umming and ahhring about purchasing it since I first started my training!!
    I agree the manual is good but sometimes you need to see things hands on rather than just reading text from a book don't you.
    Thanx again Fairchild and I'll let you know how next Tuesday goes.
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