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  • Hi Anna
    I hope you don't mind me messaging you! I believe you are the local educator for Gelish nails, I'm interested in training! I've researched Gelish and Shellac and I feel that Gelish is the one for me.

    Can you please tell me what the course covers and costs and dates please?

    Many Thanks for your help - oh by the way I am in Bideford.

    Sam xx
    Hi, I am a newbie to Salon geek and being nosey! I noticed you left a message on someones page about free conversion course with Ezflow! I live in Plymouth and would be interested!! Hope you don't mind me posting you!!!
    Jayne xx
    well I still feel bad now lol....well thankyou and thank fred I am chuffed to bits that I have one...steve said you were doing a roadshow...its not the one in rotherham is it?
    I havent been out the house all day so no one has noticed my nails apart from my aunty who came for a cuppa...she didnt seem overly bothered by them but did say she would probably wear them for an occasion but not everyday...and she expected it would prob cost her about 70 for hands and feet...so thats quite good...im looking forward to getting more feedback off people and seeing what they think! Why dont you want yours? dont you like it? why did you buy it! lol x
    I just seen the lamp thread you put up and i didnt realise it was fred that blagged it..well thought they were both at it tbh but was generally confused about how and why it was sat in the boot (sleep deprivated & depleted brain cell syndrome!)...and didnt realise you needed a lamp so bad too..thought you had another one...I feel bad now you should of took it! x
    hey you made quite good time then! not played with gel yet...to be honest i dont know where to start with all this stuff lol...and loads of reading to do...I have just minxed my nails! Im looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction if any I get now! Have you tried yours yet? x
    hello pet hope you got home safe and sound traffic was horrendous werent it...it took us a couple of hours so not bad at all...I felt so bloody shattered when I got back lol! x
    That would be great , we could meet up sometime towards the end of september as i am away in july and getting married in St Ives early september, xx
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