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    ‘Mates rates’

    Hi so I have a beauty salon not hair but my advice is to never do anything for free unless it’s your choice. The only person I give discount to is my mum , sister and best friend (20% off) and everyone else pays full price but sometimes I will just treat my other close friends now and again if...
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    To invest in normal nail polish or not

    Hi I have about 20 normal polish because I have made a spa package where my clients get, a back massage, a express facial and a file and polish and they can upgrade to gel if they like , so I use it quite a bit [emoji3]. Also I buy all OPI products as I love them all xxx
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    OPI foot file - disposable strips

    Thanks [emoji173]️ that’s good to know xxx
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    OPI foot file - disposable strips

    Yeah I did and jt says they are no longer available [emoji27] I don’t know if it’s cause Opi are specific about who sells them lol xxxx
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    OPI foot file - disposable strips

    Hey guys I’ve just had a look at OPIs website which now sell foot files with a one use grit strip that you bin after each client . They are quite a lot for just one [emoji33]! Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a multi pack instead of just one ? Thanks xxxx
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    Itchy skin

    Hey Hun I don’t mean to scare you but have you had liver function tests done at the doctor ? I’m making worrying for nothing but I have an autoimmune liver disease and itching is a massive symptom of it and it’s worse at night and on legs. Maybe worth asking to have bloods checked . Hopefully...
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    OPI GelColor bottles going off/hard

    Hey Hun do you have them near a window ? A few of mine half cured in the bottle due to me having them near a window and are fine since I moved them to a box out of view of it. I also bought a top coat from Sally’s and got home and it was cured in the bottle and it’s cause the shop had them...
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    OPI GelColor - free edge not curing?

    I agree with tuan that’s usually the issue xxxx
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    Home run salon

    Hey [emoji3] My spare bedroom is a salon I’ll add a pic xxx
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    What happened to OPI SwissGuard?

    Well that’s what confusing haha cause hey used to have the blue soap too and also the pink gel so it’s hard to figure out lol xxx
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    What happened to OPI SwissGuard?

    Hey ladies I use OPI Gelcolor in my salon and I went to go order swissguard and it’s no longer on the website [emoji33]. Does anyone know what’s happened to it? I used to use it for sanitising hands and also cuticles as I was trained to do this, but now I don’t know what to replace it with ...
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    OPI GelColor, glitter not sticking!

    Hey Hun I use OPI gel too and I put glitter on with a brush then use my finger to push the glitter into the sticky layer then pop a top coat on [emoji3] it just ensures it all sticks in xxx
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    Pedicure bowl foot spa dilemma!

    Hey [emoji3] you can get the Beverly Hills footsie bath because it's used with disposable liners which you bin after each client. It also keeps the water warm I bought one recently and I couldn't recommend it enough. I'm a germaphobe so feel like this satisfies me xxx
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    Mobile therapist gut feeling!

    Omg yeah definitely cancel its really suspicious. It's either psycho or another business making a fake appointment because why else would you not give a name and number ? Xxx
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    How long before I need a new OPI LED lamp?

    [emoji3]thanks so much everyone that's really helpful xxxx