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    No Lift Nail Primer Question

    Hi, I bought some OPI a few weeks ago to give it a try and have found the same problem. I'm interested to find out why too!!!
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    Advice wanted :)

    hee hee hee, and here's me thinking they meant 'experience' was supposed to mean actual time doing it, not just the hours clocked up in a shop!!!! oops, better start looking for a location myself!!! lol
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    False Nails....!

    ok, now I just had to reply, I TOO hate the term false nails. Or when others ask are those YOURS or Fake? Added on, extended, enhanced or bought and paid for, they are mine just the same. And when I chose my name..... well erm,, perhaps I was thinking of the silicone kind... ... lol...
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    Hard times

    For me it's always slow. But then i've only one handful of cleints. Maybe I should advertise, lol. But for now it's about all I can do to fit in with all my other running around i'm doing!
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    any good hairdressing sites??

    Hiya, Is your mum a qualified hairdresser? If she is, this may be what your looking for. I think the style you might be after is a textured bob with a mullet of side the crown. If the lenght is longer in the back, you might want the disjointed layer. As far as the colour goes, cant help unless...
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    diy hubbies...dont we just love em

    Hey at least your's will at least give it a go. I'm married to a builder and my poor daughter has been waiting for her own bedroom, let alone my front porch for 3 years now!!!
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    help!!! asap!

    Have you thought about 'sifting' it? Can't says that i've made the mistake but I have got a very fine mesh sieve in my drawer for such things. good luck
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    NSI- Spa or other

    yes, with the spa, it seems as if it hasent set. The nsi cleanse, do you wipe before filing? and have you had any problems with lifting?
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    NSI- Spa or other

    Oh yeah, I forgot!!! I also wanted to know if it's supposed to be tacky?? tacky and yes, the other is attraction (thanks for that) and also about the other powders!!
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    NSI- Spa or other

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across a wholesaler who supplies NSI. They sell Spa (odour free) and the other which i assume is the regular. I bought the Spa and found it was very good for self leveling and doesn't seem to lift, however, it takes ages to set. Is it the Spa range? Has anyone else...
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    Error 404 message

    That's tooooooooooo funny! Nice one!! xXx
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    Ons?? USA Product

    Hi, Yes that is true, it is just sometimes easier to see the actual products to choose from than to try to remember products and companies that make them. The mind boggles as to who does what!!! Besides i'm slowwwww. lol xXx
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    Fabric# - who and where??

    Hey everyone, might sound a bit dim here but here goes. I'm interested in the Fabric# that seems to keep coming up on this site. Please remind me again Who does it and Where can I get it? Star Nails trained wishing to change products. Thanks xXx
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    Professional Nails mag poll- Do you dress to impress?

    Hey, Does mobile count? I wouldn't say it's an absolute must but after I set up in a clients house, I do put on a smock/apron just before I start, mostly to protect my clothes!!! xXx
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    French White Tips....Help

    Hi, I cant get smile lines either with the white acrylic. Have you not tried the pre-cut white tips? They are soooooo much easier and faster to use. Good luck xXx