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  • Have only got Biosculpture stuff left now....

    (total wholesale value - £128.98)

    1 x Display Stand
    4 x Cuticle Pushers £ 0.65 each (£0.76 incl VAT) Wholesale
    1 x Foot File £ 2.00 each (£2.35 incl VAT) Wholesale
    1 x Cuticle Cream 50ml £ 2.98 each (£3.50 incl VAT) Wholesale
    2 x Heel Balm 50ml £ 2.00 each (£2.35 incl VAT) Wholesale
    1 x Hand Cream 100ml £ 3.30 each (£3.88 incl VAT) Wholesale
    3 x Nail & Cuticle Conditioner £ 3.00 each (£3.53 incl VAT) Wholesale
    27 Nail Polishes £3.40 each (£4.00 incl VAT) Wholesale
    (polishes - 3 x no.7; 4 x no.9; 2 x no.10; 1 x no.13; 3 x no.20; 1 x no.22; 3 x no.24; 1 x no.75; 1 x no.76; 2 x no.2009; 1 x no.2019; 1 x no.2021; 1 x no.2026; 1 x no.2038; 1 x no.2039; 1 x no.2041)
    if you want to reply to a private message there is a blue 'reply' tab at the bottom of the message, you just click that and it goes to the person automatically... to send one to someone new you just click on their name and choose the option for sending a private message... this site's changed so much, I keep finding new things like this conversation box too! lol, keep finding messages I didnt know I had! :)
    Sorry chick....:D
    I tried to do it as quick as I could but I wasn't quick enough!!!
    I don't want you thinking you have gone mad...not yet anyway :lol:
    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jo
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