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  • Hiya Faye
    Hows it all going with Jo at red 10,
    hope you are enjoying it all and learning loads,
    merry christmas love xxx
    That's great news love,
    you have a ball and learn all you can while you are there,
    your welcome xxx
    Don't worry about it she will understand your nerves and make allowances for them,
    you will be fine, just practise as much as you can before friday,
    i will be thinking about you xxx
    Good luck sweetie and don't worry she sees new nail techs all the time so will understand if your nervous,
    and she was new her self once over xxxx
    Nah just give her a ring, she said it would be ideal for someone wanting some salon experience so i don't think you need to worry that you qualified in Aug, she would be able to show you the ropes anyway,
    they are only slight differences with different products, she would be able to show you how to use it in an hour,
    it sets slow does ezflow so it quite easy to use anyway hun,
    just go for it, she is an honest person so would tell you if it was going to be a problem and she will have plenty of clients for manicure & pedicure so you would be able to them if nothing else,
    go on what have you to lose xxx
    Hi love
    Of course i will give you the details, the lady is called Jo Shirley and she has a salon and training centre in doncaster called Red 10 nail bar,
    she needs cover over the xmas period due to sad unforeseen circumstances,
    her number is 01302 340550,
    just let her know that i received an email about the position and passed the info onto you as i would not be able to do it,
    this could be a good opportunity for you,
    she is one of ezflows top educators so will be able to pass some knowledge onto you,
    good luck hunny and let me know how it goes xxxx
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