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  • As its tone maybe try v-light and warm water? As the acidity from bleach will put it out, no need or peroxide. And gently massage through where you've put it, it will more than likely need Toning after, have you tried alternative action shampoo left in dry hair for five then again in wet? And then damn good conditioning treatment.

    I'm gonna give that a try though, sounds nice SPM and red booster ya say? X
    yeh exactly! if i carried on with the acrylic course, id then have to do the maintence one, the sculpting one and the gel one and itl probably cost over a £1000. which i cannot afford at all. yeh i find the end of the tip goes all thing and wafery when im blending! and the glue is appaling! im in penrith x
    im doing beauaty at the minute. im trying to find a nail course to do. i have been doing the essential nails one but i am really struggling with it. its just hard for me to get anywhere like manchester etc coz ive got a baby girl! where abouts in cumbria are u? x
    hi there! thanks for the friend request! its nice to see somebody else from cumbria on here! theres not many lol xx
    Just thought I would leave you a quick message to say HI, many thanks for your friend request, I was very pleased to accept.

    Take Care
    Sue xx
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