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  • Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I purchased a Konad set after seeing them used in Vegas. I have 3 small Konad varnishes, 3 pattern discs, a stamper and a scraper. I have followed instructions and watched numerous utube videos and just am having no look. After painting on the varnish over the required design/pattern, I scrape n stamp, but my stamp is just not picking up any of the patterns. Sometimes it may pick up half of it, but thats the best result im getting.
    Hi, Ive just seen your camoflage work using the Konad stamps, they look very effective. I have a set of Konad stamps but am unable to get them to work...very frustrating, especially after seeing your results,lol. Any tips you can give me?
    Hi hun, haven't spoken to you in ages! How have you been? I hope all is well with you, i just found my dog with my bank card in her mouth:mad: little bu*ger that she is, i've had to get a new one sent out now, 7-10 days with no money....:cry:
    Oh well, that'll teach me to put it away in future.:lol:

    The watermarking site is Salon Alchemy Watermark - hope that helps :)

    Sonia's back home now, but still not quite right pain wise unfortunately...
    No, it's not just you.. coverage isn't great with it but I used it again after and worked a bit drier and it helped a little..
    Hiya, i'm pleased your wedding fayre went well, yeah i'm doing a free prize draw too, its a great incentive for all the people to leave their details.

    Sorry to hear that your feeling a little rough, its not nice to be feeling out of sorts and have a heavy workload so its good that you have a quieter week this week, lol

    Yeah i had to have the cats for my avatar, they are sooo cute! lol
    Hi hun, how did the bridal show go?? I've got one on Sunday so that'l be fun!! lol how are you? I hope all is well. Take care, Jo.xxx
    You sound nice and busy! We are very close to being matched for adoption right now but dont want to say too much in case I put a bad curse on it iykwim! :lol:

    I have had a look at them on e-bay but couldnt work out what bits were needed and if everything was in the pack that was needed. I knew they were in the shopping centre too - how does their price compare?

    Good luck for tomorrow x x x
    Well good luck - never done a bridal show so my advice wouldnt be much good.

    Have been looking at some of your pictures and the Konad stuff you have done looks fab! Where did you get it from?
    Hi Haze. Cant believe you werent on my friends list! :lol:

    Hows business now? Did I read you are doing the bridal fayre on Sunday?
    Yeah, there is a bridal fayre happening here in March, i have called the lady who is organizing it but i haven't herd from her yet though, i shal try and call her again today. I know you said it seems silly you doing that Feb appointment now but you will probably get more clients by doing a brides nails so you'll be busy for a while longer lol, i cant wait til i get my business up and running properly since i'm still fairly new i'm not so busy. Yes please let me know how you get on on the 15th i'd love to hear about it. Take care, Jo.xxx
    Hi hun, sorry it's taken a few to get back to you, i'm sorry to here that you are having a bit of trouble with your mix ratio, but like you said you must be doing something right as your so busy! lol Work is ok, its been a bit quiet in january, it should start picking up soon, i'll get some more ad's out there and see how it goes really.
    Speak to you soon, take care. Jo.xxx
    Hi hun, thankyou, I;m pleased its gone in now, it was supposed to be in at the end of last year but it never happened, oh well at least its in now! lol So how are you? haven't spoken to you in ages, lol i hope all is well, take care, Jo.xxxx
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