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  • Cannae dae a feckin thing wi these nails. (but love them to death) Gonna have to put ma life on hold LOL. Holly had to put ma tongue stud in :).
    Hey Fi! Sorry I havent got back to you before now! How are ya hun? Hope you are doing well!
    At the moment I feel like my head is in a spin! Im doing so much I forget to do things, lol!
    Cant complain though eh!

    Hope the weather up there isnt too depressing! Its blinkin awful isnt it?!

    My kids go back to school in 3 weeks, dont feel as though weve done much, but Im gonna take a few days off here and there! We go on hols down to Devon on the 15th September, cant wait to have a break!

    Speak soon hun xxxxxxx
    Hi babe
    How are you weather is a bit different from the last time we chatted and no sangria lol
    Thanks ive just done 2 sets on some friends who do differant types of jobs to see how they get on with them. Then if they come off i will know it is something i am doing.

    Yeah , im ok thanks, my mum had her op and has been home a week now, shes doing really well !! Ive started my nvqs so im swimming in paperwork !!! lol Hope u and del behaved yourselves LMAO xx
    hey Fi, just thought id sa hi and see how you are , not seen ya on here or msn for a while, hope all is going well ...haze x
    Thanks babes I am having a better day today even went to my little nephews 2nd birthday party today for a few hours xxxxxxxxxx Missing ya xxxx
    Fame at last!!! our pic is in Scratch!!!
    Great feature about the Fantasy event...and a pic of me doing your nail. You just see my hair, and your profile..but we know its us, right? Oh and another one of your hand & nails, that rose was fabulous.....
    Hi huni, thanks for your reply in my blog. I know you've been busy thats why I haven't bothered you, it would be good to catch up and see a friendly face....:hug:xxx
    Morning Fi shes good not to much pain but bit peeved as all her mates were out last night and its the Marque dance season here so she is a bit put out.
    She has to lie flat a lot of the time so it seems to put her to sleep :lol:
    Hi Fi thanks for your comment in my blog.
    I am still recovering from the shock! She was so bloody lucky. The next 6 weeks is going to be so trying she doesn't do well at staying still!!
    Hehe so I see x. I have to say I am a bit dissapointed with how few people voted and how quickly its slipped down the list. Maybe its not important enough an issue to people?
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