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  • Thank you for the Rep Holly! I have just given the Husband your high five and he now has a big grin on his face! Hmm, a new fan me thinks! :D
    Hi Holly
    Please could I get some advice from you?
    I recently attended the IBS Las Vegas show and was just wondering if you could recommend any other shows in the US that would be similar to Olympia London etc?
    Many Thanks
    Hey Holly, was great to see u in the flesh on Sunday. I was the lady in the queue who u asked what the best tea was and I said English lol. Anyway, you were great. X
    Hi Holly,

    Hope you are well..

    Just had to say a big thanks for your tutorial on the 'magical' robart hobby paint shaker, Had to get one, i couldn't live without it..

    Just wanted to say a personal thank you for your amazingly helpful tutorial videos! I'm so grateful - you have really helped increase my confidence in my Shellac processes! You are golden! :)
    Hi holly

    I have been watching all your video tutorials on You Tube and have found your tutorials so, so helpful. I am just trying out my rockstar nails and am using version 3 but found my glitter is quite patchy and not great at the sidewalls and tips. Do I need to concentrate more on getting the colour coat right to the edges or should I make sure I do the colour coat a bit thicker? They look a bit messy. What do you suggest that I do in order to tidy up my application? Thanks
    Hello Holly, your video tutorials are amazing, thank you very much. I follow your advice closely, it is truly great being able to watch the processes. However, I hope you dont mind me asking, any chance of seeing how to apply either an tip and overlay or a sculpted form on a bitten nail? NSI have one but it would be great to see one from one of our ambasadors. I have read articles but to see it would be so helpful. see you soon cos I am always watching!!!!!:)
    Hi Holly, I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend on salon geek, I have become addicted to seeing all the great Shellac pictures, Facebook updates, you tube videos. I am loving Shellac and now just need to get practising!
    Hi Holly, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the amazing videos on YouTube. I've only just started Shellac but you have helped me so much already :) xx
    hi Holly i just wanted to say a huge thank you to you on ur videos on youtube i wanted to say thank you and now i found you on SG i can say that ur rockstar videos and smile line videos helped me out sooooo much! thanks! :) x
    Thank you for the rep. I always share your videos whenever I get the chance. They're so helpful and informative. You're amazing.

    jus watched your rockstar vid and loved it!! i came on ur page searchin for the rest of ur tutorials bu think im lookin in wrong place!!
    your step by step tutorials are fantastic! feel alot more confident after watching them.
    Hi Holly...Just a little note say I love love love your FB tutorials. I am addicted!! x
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