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  • aww bless him, that must be awful.
    Business has been mega slow, having said that, I've just had a website enquiry for a booking worth nearly 100€ :green:
    Have you been doing any clients or concentrating on being a mummy? (I think the latter is better lol) xxx
    Congratulations :hug: Sorry to hear he's not been well, hope it's nothing serious and that he gets better soon.
    I'm not too bad thanks, getting there lol
    hi there missus

    what where why and when did jirsten move abroad
    what is it she is doing !!!!! i cant beleive it.
    Sounds like you are on the right track hun. All I can add is try not to stress about it or let "competative mum/gran" get to you and you will all be fine.

    Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Another thing might be not to make any fuss whatsoever when she wees on the floor, just clean it up, dont talk to her, look sad, but when she does manage to use the potty make a huge fuss with lots of smiles and happy stuff, phone granny straight away, tell her she is a clever girl and all that, and maybe she will get the hint then?

    Oh another thing we did was put the potty in the bathroom and not the bedroom so she felt she was the same as everyone else.

    Oh yes and when I went for a wee I would take Lorna for a wee on her potty too.

    To be honest Lorna was 3 1/2 before she was fully trained day and night. Dont rush it or it will become a big issue.

    Hope that helps. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello you....thought I'd say hi & see how you're doing! Was thinking of you today whilst putting Morgandie's socks on...she looks so cute in those mary-janes, and gets so many comments! Hope we catch up this summer xx
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