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    Mobile nails?

    Have a look at They stock most things and deliver
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    Face to face training recommendations - mani/pedi/gel application

    Take a look at caboodles. They do online, virtual and classroom courses and are accredited with abt
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    Balayage trouble

    I’m sorry to hear us knocking your confidence. I know it may sound obvious but think baby lights when you are putting on the colour. This way shouldn’t result in chunky sections.So prepare the hair in exactly the same way as you have been doing but just before you’re ready to put the colour on a...
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    Help! Facial skin masks

    Try pharmagel for skincare and skin republic’s masks
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    Gel advice

    Try Gelluv only £xxx per 8ml but really hard wearing and the glitters are amazing. Don’t be put off by the cheap price they also have acrylic in a bottle ready to use [no trade prices please - thanks]
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    Beauty Works returns

    I get my products from caboodles they have a great customer service and run courses too.