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  • Aww thanks hun no i didnt haha i phoned omg the are sending me proof out so am chuffed with that :) and ps my spell cheker is not working :(
    Hi hon, I do hope you didn't take offence, my husband is dyslexic and cant spell to save his life so I do understand, but if you have a look at the top right hand corner when you are writing a post, there is a little ABC with a tick beneath it, if you click on that it brings up the spell checker.
    Hi has anyone done there tan trainning with OMG ? if so did you get some sort of proof that you done the coarse ? get back to me would be a good help thankyoux
    Hi love, just a little advice, please use the spell checker when you post, some of us are foreign and find it difficult to understand what you are trying to say, I am trying to help you but some of the words you are writing really make no sens to me. Please didn't be offended I do mean it in a nice way. I have replied to one of your post already but if you dint write your post properly most of the geeks will ignore it and move on
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