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  • Great to hear from you! My nails are WAY better these days and I am now venturing into a different gel (Bio Sculpture) as I want something that can soak off and it seems to be better for your nails than some of the others. I am also a RMT now so offering amazing massages! We are moving to Auburn Bay in 2 weeks so you should come see me there! I am tempted to give up nails myself on some days, but then I do an amazing set and have happy clients so stick with it... hope all is well with you!
    Hey there! How are you doing there? Haven't seen you on here for a bit. You should come get your nails done again.. BIG improvement since the last set I did ;-)I have a pretty good client base going and have moved into other spa services in addition to nails. We are moving to our new house in the Spring... yay!
    Glad you're back with us, sorry things are a bit rough at the mo......
    Just realized I haven't seen my fellow Canadian geek in ages. Hope the cold weather agreed with you. Hope all is well.
    Hiya haven't seen you posting for a while I hope everything is ok with you xxxx

    Hope there is some good news on the little girl too xxxxx
    Hiya Jackie - not seen you about for a while hun - you OK? Hope you had a good Xmas x x x
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