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  • Hi Floss26

    I am looking to start my complete course with CND, just waiting on some dates, and wanted to know how I could join your group?


    Hi Floss - I've just noticed your visitor message. I'm usually on the app so hadn't noticed it. Anyways, I'm from a village round Alton. Not far! :)
    Me too... I think that's what's going to make you a great nail tech... shows you really care. x
    Awwh you're more than welcome... don't go giving yourself such a hard time :hug:
    I think you should...can't believe I missed the excitement!! Thanks for the lovely picture comment. I am very proud of my gorgeous girls...and my boys too of course xx
    Hi, yes I have done a home course and sent it off but I wanted to do the cnd complete because I want the training and want to use the products. I have to sort the time off with my boss first as I have a day job but will let you know as yes would love to join the group x
    I've not heard of the forum you mention. I was shocked at myself reading 3 books in just 5 days (while also taking care of 4 kids & the other half, the house etc..). I've never read that much so quickly lol. I just couldn't put my a-pad down lol.
    Hi Floss,
    I don't know if you have been given a reading list for your course yet, My course book is in Spanish so to back it up I bought THE COMPLETE NAIL TECHNICIAN 3RD EDITION, MARION NEWMAN on amazon, I haven't Been disappointed, it's a great source of information and has helped me tons, not only does it cover all current nail stuff it's got a lot of sound buisness advice which this side of entering your new path might help you start planning your future,

    Hi, no it was the best bit of advise on the thread, that's what I would have wanted to hear x
    I am indeed :)
    Are you a beauty therapist? Ohh exciting to start the course i bet? Theres nothing not to love about Nerja is there? Ive lived here now for 10 years, people always ask me if i miss the UK.......not much to miss really!!! When are you here next? x
    Hi Gail, sorry only just seen your message, where abouts in Nerja is your apartment. I have a salon in Calle la Cruz, near the Ermita. What do you do? x
    Hunni, that is no problem whatsoever, Hannah is a fantastic educator you will love her. Enjoy every minute of it. xoxoxo
    Thank you for the friend request :hug:
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