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    Good LED nail lamps on ebay?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a good LED nail lamp on ebay? I am considering purchasing the OPI lamp as it is on sale at the moment for $399 including a manicure light on top.. but if there is a good light on ebay for cheaper then i'd go for that Just wondering if anyone has any...
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    So disheartened-Orly Gel FX

    i have tried curing for longer, and find the end result feels dry but not completely rock hard like the opi gel colour for example, today i had my cuticle pusher and scraped it over the gel fx to see what happens and it rippled a bit idk if that means it needs to be cured for longer...
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    So disheartened-Orly Gel FX

    so i've recently purchased the orly gel fx starter kit (includes the primer, base, top, 3 colours, remover, cleanser etc) and i also brought some more colours, and i am LOVING the application, colours etc but no matter what i try it doesnt last for longer then one day without lifting/chipping or...
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    So disheartened .. orly gel fx

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    Gel questions, please help!

    awesome, thank you both! i've emailed ORLY inquiring about their gel fx and if it'll cure under an OPI or gelish lamp. i'm so new to all of this to i really want to be sure before i buy anything. usually i'll rush into a purchase without studying to much into it and i end up wasting a bit of...
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    Gel questions, please help!

    Thank you for your response! That's the tricky bit, normally you are advised to used the lamp compatible with the system and I'm wondering if it's cured by LED if any LED lamp will cure it, not just the branded lamp that goes with the brand gel polish I know most UV Lamps cure multiple...
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    Gel questions, please help!

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    Gel questions, please help!

    Hi all :) I'm almost finished my beauty therapy training and am interested in starting to do my own gel from home. (purely for personal use/family etc) In a few weeks there will be a beauty expo that i'm wanting to buy this all from, so i want to know by then what i'm gonna do I'm...