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  • hiya, just got your message, ive been away at a nail show in orlando usa.
    a couple of things you might like to try for these short nails....
    be really thorough in the prep and make super sure you dont get any gel near the skin, which is very easily done when the nails are little.
    try pouring a little bit of gel from the bottle into a little pot, or even onto a nail form and use a little flat gel brush to apply it the the nails instead of the bigger brush in the bottle.. be sure to work the gel well in to the nail on the first layer to assist bonding. be sure to cap the nail, this is easier as the nail grows and you can get to the free edge more easily.
    hi foxy
    glad all is good thing are ok at this end
    the system i use are nsi cnd and sheba
    hi foxy, i love lechat too. i am a regional educator for them and do demos at the trade shows. come and say hi if you can get to olympia next month.
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