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  • Hi Fozzyo,
    I've been looking into Electrical Facial training and read that you spent the day with Penny Turvey last year. I've tried contacting her over the last couple of weeks for info but had no response as yet. Would you mind telling me a bit about the training and a rough idea on pricing? I've got a decision to make pretty sharpish and without knowing what Penny is offering its quite difficult. Are her courses insured by BABTAC do you know? Would much appreciate your thoughts on the training too. Feel free to PM, Thanks, Boop x
    Hi fozzyo,
    I'm currently researching Cosmetronics Facial Machines and was wondering if you or know anyone who uses their facial machines could tell me what they are like...do they give good results and are the machines reliable/durable?
    Thanks in advance,
    Hiya, see what you meant about "Value" at the Beauty UK show. That said I did have a good time but I can't wait for the Big One!
    I didn't see any tarot but there was a choccy fountain and some cast members from TOWIE there (luckliy i managed to avoid them!!)
    Have a good day tomorrow.
    I have been spinning about trying to decide on couches for waxing, massage. reflexology, facials, and other holistic treatments. Based on your mention of Avalon I went to see them today. Please can you tell me whether you have had to replace any bits....you have had it for 6 years? The company was 6years old yesterday I gather. Any other input you have would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
    Hey Fozzyo :)
    Would Value Your Feedback On The SkinBase Training Once You Have Done It.
    I Have Been Looking Into A PAYG With Them But Would Appreciate Another Experienced Therapists Input If You Dont Mind & You Have Time ;)
    Hi. Some time ago you bought Lycon wax and was going to do a comparison between Lycon and Perron Rigot. I wondered if you did and how you got on.
    I've been looking at the crashplan website but have found it a bit indecipherable. Can yo point me to anywhere that give this sort of information in a very basic language so that I can understand what crashplan does?
    Just wanna say thanks for the head up about your gloves supplier on a thread a while back, a box in sallys is £7.09 plus vat whereas that site i got them from that you recommended was £2.65 plus vat, wowsa. Thanks again xx
    Would appreciate the details regarding this course please dates/location...im based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire which I realise is a distance, but travel to Birmingham often so dont mind the milege for a worthwhile coure, nothing like it here. Majority of courses are not tailored to what I require, dont wanna waste my time hearing info not related to me!
    many thanks
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