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  • thank you! its actually just Crazy Colour in Fire over her natural 8 base with a colour touch clear /00 gloss over it to help lock in the colour xxx
    aarrgghh i can't seem to post pics in visitor messages! there were some pics posted on a thread called 'passed my college assessment' xxx
    hi there, i got it done the other week, it was a college assessment and we were only getting 2 hours to do the whole look,hair make up and clothing, so i couldn't go with the glycerine mix (but have that in mind for next competition lol). i coloured the hair the day before then on the day it was set on a mixture of chopsticks and very thin bendy rollers (some pieces i left straight so i could crimp them) then it was finger dressed out and pinned in random places. and i made the dress out of voile curtains and a charity shop corset lol xxx
    Hi, I see you have the FHBF insurance ,do you have a salon?. i'm wanting to go with them, but wasn't sure if they would insure me as i have a salon not mobile.thanks x
    hello! i had some great fun with it with model heads and my niece, was able to create some great shapes and forms. my original model has disappeared from the face of the earth but managed to grab a new girl today with the most amazing head of hair, i'm having a run through with her at college next week, will post some pics.thanks so much again xxx
    wow,those pics are fantastic,thanks so much for sharing,i'm going to have a few practice sessions with the gelatine mix over the holidays x
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