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  • Please look at my profile. I work for a website that specialises in looking uniting trainees with models for assessments. The website is in my profile. Hope this helps. xx
    Wow, you're leaving it fine! Contact my office on 07817 732683 and hopefully we can help you! All the best.
    hi francesca - i understand you do training how much is this?? Im in manxchester ansd wanyt to do training asap as am due to have my baby in 4 weeks!!

    A month is not that long! Most of my students take on average 3-6 months before they pass their accreditation. Just keep practising, it will get easier! Promise!
    Hiya, I had a lady come for infils last night i did almost full set last 2 weeks ago when very new, noticed a lot hanging off and a few stuck with natrual lashes. I found it soooo hard last night infiling as she has fair short lashes going in every direction and i know i stuck some with natrual lash, got my self in bit of panic, she texted me this moring to say how pleased she is, as no clumps and looked noce when i havd finished , i just know icould of done beter not clean lashes what i expect, suppose its practise only been passed a month and really getting frustrated as still find soo hard x
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