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  • Hi FrenchQueen, thanks for your message! I am just waiting for all of my kit to get here which is a little frustrating! I have already signed up with nznailacademy but will give them a call.

    Thanks again XxX
    Hiya, can tou tell me how you did the hexagon red and black nails. I'd guess you press some kind of hexagon material (plastic?) into the wet red l+P then remove and fill with black? What did you use? I really love these nails you did. Well done!
    I've put a pic on my album (I hope). Looking at the nails now I can see soooo many flaws but i'm just starting out and I guess its a case of recognise the flaws and improving on them!....right?
    Hi, I did the pre work as you suggested which was a major help. I had no idea what the finished result would look like but all in all they were ok. The only thing was she wanted a "V" effect the base of the lace. I didn't like the look but she likes nails that stand out - and these certainly do! I've since rebalanced them, rounded them instead of the "V" and shortened them....they look tons better. I have a few pics, they're not great as they were taken on my phone but I'll get them sent to you later today (once I figure out how I do it LOL!) Thanks again for sharing.
    Have a great Xmas.
    Tracy x
    Hiya FrenchQueen, thanks so much for sending me info on how to "try" to recreate your amazing lace nails....LOL! I've only just started in the nail industry so I'm probably attempting the impossible but I'll give it a go. Thanks for sharing:hug:
    Hi, I've been talking about your black lace nails to a client of mine. She'd love to have something similar. Would you share how you did them? My client's in next Wednesday. Thank You. Tracy
    Hi there, Where did you get those gorgeous black lace patterns? They are so good. By the way- love the smile lines on your white tips, they are soo perfect!! :)
    Thanks for answering :) Got on here yesterday looking for other Kiwi geeks. There are heaps of them, but lots I noticed haven't been back since they first registered! Sent lots of them a message anyway. Am hoping to find someone interested in sharing my salon with me. What system did you train with? (Sorry if I ask questions that are already answered on your page, I'm new to this & still learning how this site works). How did you find it getting started? How long have you been doing nails?
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