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  • Hi fuzion! I have been reading posts about BEOX KERATIN TREATMENT as i wanted to do the training but i cannot seem to find anywhere that does it! Could you please let me know where you did your training or if you know anywhere that does it. I am asking for the BEOX as i have had it done in my hair and absolutely love it. Thank you so much x
    hi fuzion i see ya use lk color and was wondering what you thought of it and the grey coverage from it.
    thanks a mill rosie
    sorry Sharon, i didnt even answer your question!
    I do put them in myself,takes a long time,lol! but i just cant find anyone in my area that i trust to do them for me, ive had so many bad experiences myself!
    i make sure the babys in bed, im nice and relaxed,and get a large glass of wine,and crack on with it,lol....................
    Hi Sharon : )
    i do hot fusion bonded the most,and its my fave, a couple of my clients have micro-bonds, and love them! I do make my own stick tips, if the client wants micros, i didnt like them ata first, im a bit of a stuck in the mud! but now i love them(on the right client)
    Your right, the hair extension biz is a mine field, im just about getting a really good, diecent client base up(hooray!!) that keeps me busy all the time.
    it just pees me off so much, the amout of removals i get asked to do from "cowboys"
    hope your well : )
    Kate x
    Hi fuzion , so sorry to hear about your Mum :sad: My Mum was Dignosed with B C around the same time but sadly she passed away end of last year before Christmas ..... Anyways good luck with your training ..... but .... don't be tempted or talked into paying for the double hair course though on the training day..... as there are loads of you tube videos about it ..... plus its so easy to pick up once you have mastered the colour and design one !..... also the double hair application and the colour and design application should all be demonstrated on a dvd inside your colour and design pack too .... hth
    and good luck ... minky :)
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