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  • Hiya Gemma

    Placed and paid for the order for the mini after care kit could you just let me know you have got it
    received it

    thanks hun

    laura xx
    I saw some of your posts about tanning injections and wonder if you could tell me a bit about them? I am a journalist based in Manchester and I am looking to write a feature about the use of tanning injections and whether they are safe.
    hwlloooo to you too, what are you up to these days Gem. Is your number still the same, will give you a tinkle over the next few days. let me know what your number is
    Hi, I was just looking at natsels blog, and i find plenty of bran flakes and apples helps especially if you eat it the afternoon before ,
    plus plenty of water :) hope you don't mind me saying, just thought it might help some :) x minky
    Gem i may be selling me kit, t200 and tent and a bit solution if you know anyone who may be interested mate hope ya ok hun xx
    hi gemma can you let me know what %'s i can mix that will make a 10% shade as i have had a accident and lost all my 10% solution xxx
    Absolutely nothing, although Ruth made an interesting post yesterday on a waxing thread.
    I did feel better for him been close but i feel like **** today and if he was able to look after himself i would take him home but he cant, the doc has only given him around 6 wks so it is going to get much worse.
    good for you hun with the courses, i haven't done any teaching since market harborough, i could do with some to take my mind off things,
    you do right to get some written up if you have people asking for them, it would be daft not to xxx
    Hi Hun
    Ive been busy getting my dad transferred up to Yorkshire so he is closer to what family is left,
    i had him transferred on Tuesday up here and have put him in a bupa nursing home that's 20 Min's away from my salon,
    he was fine Tues and weds, went to see him today and he has kicked off with me, said he hates it there and wanted to go home (that's impossible) told me if i left him there that would be it, he would have nothing to do with me,
    im hoping it was just because of his meds and he will be in a better mood tomorrow the old bugger.
    hope all is well at your end hun xxx
    Yep she knows Im CND trained but didnt seem like it mattered to her, I did try to tell her that its one of the most recognised in the industry but she was adamant that the vtct is more so.....Im getting the training at no cost so its a bonus to me really and gives me the practice I need. They are promoting calgel and the owner just doesnt seem interested in l&p. Giving me more strings to my bow though so I aint complaining and its gonna give us some security being employed-hubs just been laid off :( . Just hope the course doesnt contradict what Ive been taught already! x
    Will be their nail tech when Im finished the vtct-hopefully-its in shields. Theyve just opened and do in salon training for hair and nails, just got to wait and see how things go on the course its four months training first x
    A hope so Im on the bones of it at the minute ha ha, sick! Its four months three days a week, sounds promising for an ongoing contract when Im finished though, cant wait. Wanna do airbrushing-do you get much call for nail art? x
    Hiya hun, you got that pay rise yet?! lol. Thanks,loved the creative course and will definitely be doing some more with them-all the way as long as the cash flows steady. Start on a vtct in a fortnight with possibility of a job at the end so fingers crossed but the lady who owns it is promoting calgel at the minute so getting trained up in that. (Got that sorted the other day, they refunded straight away so im happy) xxx
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