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  • Hey wicked idea with the ann summers party!! I hate those parties, everytime i have been to one i have been forced to dress up, last time i was superman!!!
    Benson was still barfing up bits of blue bed last night!!! YAk!!!!
    Not really got any plans for this weekend which is actually quite nice, girls footy on Sunday ( Claire plays not me....I errrr watch!!!)
    Going to see Dave Spikey on Wednesday!!!!!! Cant wait!!!
    You doing owt interesting this weekend?
    Hey there yourself!! Its a pretty impressive title isnt it!! Anyways how come your up so early? Did you **** the bed or something?! pmsl!!
    2 things Gemma.
    I am loving the tan this morning.
    I've passed your details on to someone who does health promos, so if you get a call from Jan at Acumen based in Horden don't be surprised.
    thanks Gemma. really pleased that we met up!

    think we should meet up anyways, we got on dandy!

    my hub came in, did a double take and said I looked really different but I haven't told him about my fake tan yet! ha ha!

    showed the mums at the school gates my g-string line! haha
    hiya sweetie, my body is developing nicely, my face is the darkest so might go and cleanse to stop it going any darker.

    really, really enjoyed myself today, thanks for a great chat!

    glad you enjoyed your massage (phew!)

    going to post some pics of my hair as was in chatrrom last night bemoaning the fact of my short hair and they've all insisted that I post some piccys, so you can see my brown face.
    hi there hope you are well and happy, i got my tantrick equipment today i love new things :)
    Ooooh good luck with your new job.....am replying to your blog comment and clearly dont know what I am doing didnt mean this to go here!! Anyways xmas was axtually wicked we even had a new years party 2 days after we moved in!!!
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