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  • (I had to check with Julie for your username) Gemma, It was great to see you again at GMex. You are such a friendly geek and you sure were doing a fab job at the Berins stand. You and Julie make a great double act. Hopefully we can all get together for a wee drink at Excel xxx
    aww thanks for letting me know :) I was wanting to get all my equipment in beforehand but I'll hang fire and see what I'll need once I get there. I can't wait!
    Must admit I am feeling a bit sick too. Spoke to Andy today and if it is any consolation he was feeling nervous too about his seminar and meeting Lori.

    Collin trying to come up with some penance for me to pay - lol.

    CU Sunday, I'll be the one with brown trousers lol.
    Not had any details yet Gem, but I did tell Collin that I wanted some time with a couple of mates I have arranged to meet up with so we can have a SHOP!!! Will give you a ring hunni.
    yes I do gift vouchers. You tell me how much for or specify the treatment and I write it into the card.
    Hey Gem, am great thanks very much. Looking forward to meeting you at GMex (if you are going).
    PMSL i don't think i will find fame from doing that but yes i will remember you, you would be the first with an invite for it if i had the chance to build a team up,
    it was just a mini mani, file and polish with a nude look so a very natural Essie polish was what we used,
    i need to contact Essie yet to get my hands on the mag xxxx
    Hi Gemma
    It went well, i even managed the tube all by myself without getting lost lol,
    was chaos back stage but in a good way, at times there was about 8 of us working on one model, i wouldn't swap places with them it would do my head in having all them people fussing around me at the same time,
    the models were really sweet though, not what you would expect at all and i have been asked if i will go back for the next london fashion week in february 2009 so that worked rather well,
    i did manage to get some photos back stage but they are not very good and i have been told i am not allowed to contact scratch mag about it because we were sponsored by Essie and they have the publishing rights, it should be in their mag called polished so i need to contact them and try to get a copy xxx
    Hi Gemma
    Yes love i have my ticket, i got it yesterday,
    are we going to need our uniforms for the meeting on the monday do you know ?
    Lou xxx
    Hi Gemma

    Tried the tanning lotion and thought it was nice, may introduce it, if i did will i be able to get my hands on any posters and stationary, and where would i purchase it from. x
    ah cheers for that, but i aint doing any more training at college, ive done enough but i am thinking of doing hot stones and may visit ann to do that. i wil proberbly get bored but ive got too much going on now to find time out again...
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