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  • Well when I win the lottery - I want to open an animal shelter - plenty of tears with that I imagine!!!

    Getting there - I think/I hope - just done the bridal make-ups - cos they really needed me - and although its been difficult (made me work slower) its worth it. Just trying to do 1-2 a day only. As you know mobile is a killer anyway - its twice as hard when I can only compare it to having the worst hangover - every single day!!!

    Stick with the dogs - is my advice - ha ha!!!
    Well I would have had to do the same - and take him - love him - etc - but I most probably would have looked for a good home for him when he was all healthy - and trained - I love dogs so much - which is why I never really wanted babies . I found a little dog once - neglected and blind in one eye - kept her for years and me nana has her - I felt it was the right thing to do - my nana needed her. But scratch - bless him - hes just won the doggy lottery!!!
    How cute is he? I just want to kiss him!!! I actuall thought he was called JR till I realised it was Jack Russel.

    Your crazy having 2 dogs such hard work but lush. Bless him - he's gorge!!
    Oh Gemma the pup is gorgeous!!!! so sweet and tiny, bet you want to cuddle him all day long! how does Sniff take it to have a buddy?
    Ta hunny, it wasnt working though,
    saying something about administrator and invalid links ????
    Baffled me lol
    yeah i did babe...from ebay...tut tut...they where £20 and came in 24 hours...
    Gemma the tan looks gorgeous.... my daughters tan turned out super as well.. but she won't let me take a pic of her. Similar to yours colour wise tho.. very even and not at all patchy or orange. Looks like a winner dont you think?

    BTW my daughter is on the site now .. you will see her a JOS if you want to ask her about her tan x
    Is that price per person or per business,

    Shiney row are normally ok. was it lynne your tutor?

    Will keep you in mind for the flirties how much would you charge to train me and 3 staff.
    Ah very good on ya babes, sounds fab, where did you do that training and did you have to pay for it? yeah i noticed the flirties in the pack you sent me, would love to train in that but too expensive for me at the moment, how much would it be to train on spray tanning only without purchasing the kit. x
    Hi again

    Just been on wow factor having a browse. and it had a link to Makhem Training Academy, where is this, and how did you get into training, did you have to have a teacher training certificate and how long have you been doing these. pam
    Hi gemma thanks for the samples i am trying out today, will let you know what i think, loved the brochure too lovely pink and very catchy..
    glad he liked it. I really liked him Gemma, he's really nice.

    got a glass of chardonnay beside me, and tea's in oven.
    got 2 appointments tomorrow (one of them a colon massage).

    think I've sorted childcare out for next week. my In-laws have been great!
    salon address is 79a EWESLEY ROAD, HIGH BARNES, SUNDERLAND, SR4 7PR
    well if he is gelling his hair befoe comming to deliver to you...maybe he has a crush on you :eek:
    Mmmm sounds delicous... yeah go on then i#ll have a try, how will i get a sample and is a sample enough for maybe a face and arms
    have you seen my latest blog?
    thinking of going down to London on the 6th August to learn Honey Massage!!!
    Ah o Dont normally go on, and when i did i just read stuff, but using it more now. yeah im bored too with my space and face book, just talk to family and friends on them a little, but no one speaks now on my space. use if for advertising the salon . i come on to do work and always end up side tracked onto them .
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