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  • Hey you long time no speak, just noticed your new profile pic in my friends list.... where's all that blonde hair gone?!! :) Hope your doing well xxxxx
    Well done on your first client. How long did it take? I had my first on Tuesday, was very scary!! How have you been advertising?
    hiya thanx for your advice earlier on the french manicure, im glad im not the onl 1 who can't/ couldn't master it at 1st, i love doin mani/pedis and in relation to your question how many nail varnishs for mobile i have about 25 colours , my clients always comment on th good choice hth karen x xx
    Got my trainer hand yeserday, have not put iot down yet, mastered tips on it in bout half hour, and finding it a great help x
    Oh cool, i can not wait for mine to come, and at least get some serious practise of acrylics done x
    Booked on a course yet have you, i got a nail trainer off ebay yesterday so hopefully will come on loads with more reliable practise xx
    Hiya, yeah i know, i did my training with the carlton institute and now am doing a conversion with entity ( the lady worked for creative for years) in my hometown, good luck, mine is 8th oct x
    Hi hun, just go for it, i love doing nails now, even though i have only qualified a while ago x
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