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    New Subs For Scratch Mag

    Good afternoon all ye geeks who are eagerly awaiting the fantastic Raw Earth tote. I am Janet the Academy sales manager at Designer Nails in Leeds and can confirm that we recieved the email this afternoon from Scratch with the details of all you lucky subscribers, so expect your Raw Earth tote...
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    Tooth Crystal's

    I have a friend that bought the kit last year at the show and has never used it! I watched the educational video with her and it looks easy and it can be a very profitable "add on" service. She will sell the kit for £100 if you are interested please pm me.
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    What Next?

    You say "what Next"? how about the Next Step class? or maybe 121 training. The reason for the recommendation of time between classes is so that you will be able to go along to the Master classes with experience and thus contribute to the class.
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    Hi To attend the Creative L&P Conversion course you need to have been a qualified nail technician for at least a year and have a working familiarity of L&P. However if you have an NVQ qualification and a working familiarity with L&P you can attend as soon as there is availability. Hope...
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    Creative Liquid & Powder conversion course

    Hi Kirsty It is entirely upto you if you attend the class wearing enhancements, you will not be working on each other during the class as you are required to either take a model or work on a trainer (if you have one). The tools of the trade you will have to take along with you are your...
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    Creative Training

    The Creative Nail Design classes available in Leicester are the Four day foundation course and Creative conversion 1 day course. These classes are held within Ellison's. Hope this helps
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    Brisa Gel

    You could call Designer Nails' head office on 0113 275 5719 and place an order over the telephone. :)
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    SpaManicure Kit

    Hi Heather, You certainly do get all that the price list tells you, which is fabulous. you'll have enough products to perform around 20 manicures (depending how extravagant you are!!). You may not be aware of this BUT...... if you book to attend the Creative Spa training at one of the One...
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    try it kit from creative

    you can order through Customer Care on 0113 275 5719. :)
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    one to one cnd training

    Hi All, 121 training with Creative Ambassadors is currantly £35.00 +vat with the exception of those previously mentioned by Mrs Geek. It is always advantagious to have a 'live' model however we have found that the nail trainer is a fantastic learning tool. :)
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    Creative will not convert Essential Nails courses

    Hi Karren, I'm Janet the Creative Academy Sales Manager at Designer nails, I've just logged on and whilst browsing I came across your comments and replies so I thought that this may also be of help to you; If you do decide to take the Creative Nail Design Four day Foundation course and...
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    Creative Training

    There are 2 Creative Academies to choose from in your area, they are Nottingham and Leicester. If you call an Academy Advisor at Designer Nails on 0113 275 0433 they will send you a full information pack specific to your requirements. Hope this helps.
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    if i order from Ellisons

    Hi Linda, that sounds like a good offer. However, the FREE Creative Spa training is offered Exclusively at ALL Creative One Stop Nail Shops, the nearest one to you would be the Leeds Academy. To qualify for FREE training you book the course and pay for the kit which you receive on the day of...