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  • Hiya thank you for the add, I didn't see you yesterday, it was manic!! But it was lOvely to meet you xx

    You left at *just* the wrong time earlier. Dr dave came on and said jan made a slight mistake - the vinylux WILL go on top of normal basecoat but overall it won't be as strong as just the vinylux.

    Was lovely meeting you x
    Hi , thanks for your message, what a shame, I would have loved for us to go together. I'm quite new to nails and to be honest just missed the boat !! I will be ready next time though !! It's lovely to hear from a fellow Chesterfielder , please keep in touch and have a great time at the event x
    Hi Mandy...good hearing from you.
    Krush is now in stock in our warehouse...Pm me your addy and tele number and I will happily arrange for the rep to call you
    HTH and best regards
    PS...nice smile ;0))
    OMG Mandy ...but good hearing from the heck are you :0))
    when will the overload requirement from customers ever end....just remember they can overload ...but if there adament well give it a try...if you have booster drops...just keep adding one drop per 100ml to go up 1% ....good luck and could youlet me know the final could also try spraying them twice ;0))
    Hi Amanda,

    Unfortunately we do not offer home insurance. I know a number of Geeks on here do have home insurance for working from home, so would suggest posting an asking for a list of insurers. I will ask in the office tomorrow morning to see whether there is anyone we can recommend for you.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
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