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  • Hiya well done on your room it looks amazing! I especially love the shelving unit you have your polishes on, can I ask where its from please? Wishing you the best of luck x x
    I've just sent you a reply, but I now realise I sent you a reply on my own wall so you will have to visit my profile to see what I put. Dizzy mare I know!! Some things will never change! Xxxxxxx
    Hell loo!! How's you? I'm dissapointed not to see my beautiful nails on your photo albums! Lol Wish u lived nearer! I miss you doing my nails soooooo much. Miss you too! Hope your well chick. Zoe. Xx
    Thankyou! I have a load of Martha Stewart Glitters but not this one, was it in a particular pack? Thankyou for replying :)
    Hey Gawjus36 I just have to know what glitter youve used in the pics of your Shellac Gotch Mani, a friend wants it and I dont have a glitter like this one. Id appreciate it so much if you could let me know, thankyou. :)

    Hey Em,

    Dont be daft, you are always welcome to contact me :) In terms of the shellac colours that work for stamping, i have only found Iced cappuccinno to stamp ok. the problem with using the shellac colours to stamp is that the shellac relys on its '2 coat' system so stamping with the colours do come out a bit wishy washy...but have a play you might like how they come out. when stamping onto shellac i tend to stamp straight onto the inhibition layer then top coat. If you stamp on the inhibition layer and make a mistake and want to re-do it then just wipe it off with d.sperse and stamp again. Some geeks do prefer to top coat after the shellac colour, then stamp and then top coat again but i think this is a waste of a layer of top coat but its all down to preference :)

    I hope you konad bits come soon....you wont be able to put them down!!! xx
    Hi, aww thanks for your response and kind offer of help. I have a long, long way to go with my nails and techniques, but I will keep at it - and, if I get to a point where I need more help, I would love to give you a shout, thank you x
    I did my first rebalance yesterday and the damn thing took me 3 hours! :( - urgh!
    I didn't like the outcome and still haven't decided whether or not to charge the client! (she's a friend and plans to pay me on payday next week but I don't know whether or not the work was worth paying for). As a mobile technician just starting out I find it difficult to get the high end products and training because money is very tight, if you have any advice on suppliers to use and training I would be very grateful xxx
    Hope you're well, speak again soon xxx
    Im fine thanks and hope you are too? The more practice the better with the pink and whites. I love customising and blending with the opaques and they look great when you extend the nail bed with them. If you need any help with it just let me know I d be more than happy to lend a hand. xx
    Oh Im really pleased. I know how stressful l&p can be, I still get stressed with it a year down the line. ;-) xx
    Hi Tracie,
    The nails went well, thank you for asking. I worked really hard all day Friday to sort the bubbles and the work paid off! I still have a long way to go as I am just starting out but already I feel like I have achieved a lot by doing this! Thank you for all of your help and advice xxx
    hi Gawjus36.. I also use salonsystem..sounds like we both the same course.. I live in devon and new to nails. I have started out as moblie tec..There is still alot to take in with nails and so much to learn.. keep in touch. sam
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