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  • Hi Gigi
    Don't know if you remember me?
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    Lotus, Gigi retired about 18 months ago, she's not here any more. A massive loss to the site if you ask me. I didn't want you thinking she's ignoring you LOL xx
    Just sent you a private message as I didn't notice yours till now lol...Thank you very much hun any help would be great xx
    Ahh hello lovely Gigi :) Yes it's going well, thank you :) Could do with being a bit busier during the day which I know will come with time but Mik has just been laid off AGAIN so it's back to panic mode at the moment. But all these things are meant to be and happen for a reason, so I know it will all work out :wink2: I'm very fortunate to be as busy as I am so very thankful for that. How are you? Xx
    Hi Gee, thanks for the heart and the advice, ill really look forward to doing it :) x x
    Interesting! I have a degree with a chemistry minor before I went into Pharmacy. from U-Lowell (well, it is now U-Mass - Lowell) (math major/chem minor)
    Sorry I didn't see this conversation post. I've been off between jewish holidays in early september and family things that came up.
    I hadn't filled out the profile because i was lurking for some time but felt compelled to weigh in on things!

    I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona. I've moved cross country a few times, but that's at least for now (I'm a New Englander by blood (it's a way of life!) originally from Boston.

    I definitely should fill things in! I guess part of me feels because I've "only" been at the beauty/nails industry less than a year, I would feel it seems as though i may not know what i'm talking about, but being in medicine for 20 years i have found a few things -
    the public is the public regardless of dicipline
    people are the same where ever you go (there are good and bad)

    And the best asset anyone has is your brain, and no one but whatever lord you believe in can take that from you :)
    Hey Gigi,oh no how did you do that I bet your going out of your mined lol.I really hope it starts to feel better soon.I'm just so frustrated I love my jobs and this is a real pain in the ass lol.

    I'm working in a cafe have been for 5 months not exactly what I want to be doing obviously would love to be doing nails full time but just can't fined anything and haven't got the cash to set up on my own but I love the cafe.It's at an aerodrome so lots of light air craft around watching them take off and land all day it's really nice.I'm doing nails after work.

    Your moving back to the uk :) yippee I may just get to see you some day now :).Are you looking forward to coming back.

    Really nice to catch up with you,I missed talking to you.

    Sending lots of love to you and a great big hug.

    Ps my maths is getting pretty good working in the cafe :).xxxx
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