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  • I know its all full of lurve in here!! I admire you for sticking with it, I for the first time the other day though of sodding off but then realised that no, I was correctly informing ppl and I will continue. And you know what it paid off! Yes would give my right arm for a chance to meet you! You inspire me :) (oh and help a hell of a lot when i have a spack attack) x
    Lol you are too modest oh great one. Funny thing is although I love all the fancy stuff I just want to do perfect nails. I just want to get a buzz out of every set I do. The other day in work I saw a set of nails on one of the therapists and I thought wow they are lovely. Two minutes later I realised they were mine. That was a lovely moment.
    Ah you see I didn't want to feel like a stalker LMAO I really will have to meet you at some point!! Saw Sam and Sam (have spoken on the phone lol) at the last show I went to and didn't have the guts to say hi I'm such a wuss!
    Wow that's saying something making the great Geeg tingle. Lol you just can't imagine how I feel I'm sooooo excited now about nails. I went to one of my clients this week whose lifting has been to say the least catastrophic. Guess what this week none. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. What was even better was that she was sooo pleased for me. Never moaned once about lifting she is an angel. Xx
    I promise to pay in kind. Guess what now I'm going for my masters. I promised myself once I conquered the lifting I would do it. Now is the right time. Down to you my lovely xxx
    I thnk we are learning that there is more than one way to skin a cat...and letting things run can be a good thing ;)
    Another generation gap opening this morning!! It would appear they don't know good manners cost nothing !
    Oh & chest pains still here, as had a reaction to the meds & came off them, but busy with work so that's kept my mind off it. Doing nails fixes everything, right? ;)
    I know, she will be up to speed in no time at all - v pleased with her. :)
    Observed Kate Taylor's manicure class last week, which was great, and she said I can observe as many as I'd like. Thought I might go along to observe her Brisa and L&P classes in the New Year. Am LOVING Brisa btw - just maintained that set I did after 2.5 weeks and (growth aside) they looked brand new when she arrived for her appointment - awesome product! Need to chat to you soon, re 1-2-1 training (with you) for CND-trained nail technician friends, if that's ok? :)
    Missing you Gigi! Great news is that my mum did great at her Shellac training today (of course), and is now on SG as 'Mama Scratch'. ;)
    Hi Geeg
    Hope you are well you bundle of lovely naily info you, So sorry to be cheeky but could i possibly have a copy of the after care sheet? I cannot get these blinking clients to use their solar oil its driving me mad! I have a couple of clients "having a rest" from shellac and i always quote you and say they have no lungs they do not need to breath! but if you feel you need to thats fine. I have a lady who is about to embark on a course of chemo and she has her post op Monday. She is a lovely loyal client and has worn fedora for almost a year now!! she has a wedding saturday so I have suggested she comes in Friday for a removal and I will paint her nails with CND varnish onlyfor the wedding so she can easily remove for Monday. I would like to treat her to a hot oil treatment but feel a little funny about immediately dehydrating the plate after in order to polish! what order would you do this in? Forgive my cheekiness? Much love Mandy
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