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  • Sorry should of said its the glimmer one , I am going to try out some designs hopefully i will do something she likes.
    hi thanks for the advice , but can you tell me if with the mosaic powder you mix it with the white or put it on top?
    Thanks for your concern. But the date that I have booked is for Leeds as that is where I do all of my training. The only class I haven't done in leeds is my Foundation course which I done almost two years ago when Glasgow was an Offical training acadamy. The reason that my class is booked for this day is so that if I can get the pennies of of my Dad to go to the EVENT I don't need to travel down to Manchester back to Glasgow then Back down to leeds and then back to Glasgow. Hope this all makes sense to you now
    Sarah x
    Thank you so much for the mssge you left about the cuticle and nail allergies my client was experiencing and i very much agree and was not aware of the different chemical ingredients between gels. am currently using Brisa White with ibd clear gel so am going to try the Brisa clear....thanks again....
    Hello Gigi! Looking at your album all I can say is: wow!
    Your talent is incredible! I love your style of work.. you are a person I always look up to.


    Hiya Gigi, how long will you be in Auckland? Is it straight into Auckland then onto a domestic flight? It would be nice to met you, if possible.
    Hi Geeg, just a quick hello, and to say thnkyou for the rep xx. I hope I will see you at The Event, but my husband is ill at the moment. We're waiting for some biopsy results and he sees the consultant in a couple of weeks, but I daredn't book a place until I know what's happening with him. Fingers crossed though!
    Thank you ill try there. i heard you are coming to Australia.. a few ladies are trying to set up a meeting place. :) i was the first one to put my name down, although i live in adelaide. :)
    hello im new to this page and not to sure how to use it yet.:) im a tech in australia and i would like to get my hands on your book nailclass, but i cant seem to find it .. can you please tell me where i could buy it from
    Hi Geeg,

    Thanks For Accepting My Request, And Thanks Also For The Compliments!
    Hi Geeg
    How are you? Everything is smashing out here!!
    Not met Jimmy yet, I havent been to Dubai, I shoul dbe doing Regionals in October with them so Im sure I will meet him then!

    thank you for the nice comment on my stilettos ;);) means a lot! (as for the peacock, it was more of a joke... lol)
    hope you're having some great time with the Geeks, I got CND's product guide for Switzerland yesterday :):) (Finkie says Hi...)
    WOW...... have just looked at your album the nails are amazing........ When i come to see u could u show me the minx to and to be even cheakier make me as good as u in one session lol. Any advertising tips would be great toxxxxxxx
    Hi Gigi,

    Where can I buy Creative products from in Spain and do you know where my colleague can do a conversion course to Creative as she trained with NSI and wants to do Creative course

    Hi Gigi,

    I am living in Spain and wondered if you could tell me where I can buy creative products from::
    You are more than welcome,
    Those nails look gorgeous....I am jealous of Sam's pretty, pretty feet !!!!! :D
    Hi Gigi, just wanted to share a moment with you, that put a big smile on my face! my hubby came home last night with a belated birthday prezzie.. Nail Class!. I,d mentioned it ages ago, but he said it had been difficult to order. Anyway, I have it, and its a little treasure.. I,m engrosed! Its been a difficult 10 months since I did my course, as i,ve had very little support.. so finding the amazing Salon Geek site, and suprises like your book do help to keep me going! Wishing you a great summer! Victoria x
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